Gold and Precious Metals

Declining concentrations of precious metals in deposits are placing significant pressure on mining companies. Today, industrial companies are required to mine smaller deposits that are difficult to access or large low-grade deposits.

Mining refractory gold deposits, where gold is trapped in sulphide minerals, often requires pre-treatment before the leaching phase. Environmental challenges are also part of the equation, as tailings from certain mines can be highly toxic.

Gold and Precious Metals

  1. Your Challenges
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      Maximize the profitability of your gold projects

      You want to adopt solutions that are customized to your ore’s unique nature. To do so, you need to accurately assess the deposit’s geological characteristics and implement optimal extraction and treatment processes.

      You must simultaneously minimize your ecological footprint by properly managing tailings, whether you’re dealing with cyanide from the extracting and refining process or contaminants specific to your facilities.

      Your challenges:

      • Assess the geological setting of your deposit
      • Design an optimal process scheme
      • Design and optimize your facilities
      • Manage the handling process given high tonnage and low ore content
      • Manage tailings and contaminants
      • Ensure the social acceptability of your project
  2. Our approach
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      Our experts will ensure your success

      Having been involved in some of the largest gold mining projects in Canada, the experts at BBA can assist you throughout each phase of your operational projects: feasibility studies, design, facility optimization, commissioning and much more. Our solutions take both the specificity of the deposit and the geological setting of your project into account.

      Our high-level experts offer process diagrams for metals with special characteristics, from pre-treatment of refractory metals to leaching. Our goal is for you to get the best possible recovery rate throughout your project’s lifecycle.

      Managing tailings and contaminants is second nature to us. Our in-depth knowledge of cyanide destruction processes allows us to help you mitigate risks and reduce your ecological footprint. In addition, our tailings treatment processes can accurately reflect the grain size of the gold ore.

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