Advanced Fuels and Chemicals


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      Navigating the array of technological options

      As you embark on the path to integrate new technological solutions into your operations, the first step in your innovation project is to define the decision grid and build your portfolio of preliminary ideas. Your objective is to select the solutions that are best adapted to your specific processes, your carbon footprint reduction targets, your business strategy and synergy with the value chain.

      There are various technologies using advanced fuels and chemicals that can be considered when developing your solutions:

      • Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS)
      • Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)
      • Renewable diesel, gas and naphta
      • Methanol/ethanol
      • Dimethyl ether (DME)
      • Low-carbon hydrogen (green, blue, teal and turquoise) /ammonia
      • Biofuel from biomass or recycled waste
      • Low-carbon intensity or renewable natural gas and liquefied natural gas
      • And much more

      Key considerations

      Integrating a new solution into your operations using advanced fuels and chemicals requires careful consideration of various factors, as well as a deep understanding of the value chain. Key considerations include feedstock compatibility, achieving cost-effectiveness, reducing the carbon footprint, maintaining product versatility and attaining high process efficiency. Therefore, the challenge is to harmonize effectively all dimensions of economic, technical and environmental viability.

      The rapid maturation of technology and its efficient scaling up from pilot to industrial-scale operations become pivotal steps, essential for widespread adoption and enhanced commercial viability. Additionally, aligning selected solutions with your strategic objectives and regulatory requirements is imperative for a seamless transition from concept to execution, addressing the unique context of your needs.


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      Combining technical agility with business acumen

      Our experts work with your team to create a tailored roadmap, ensuring technology seamlessly integrates with existing processes and infrastructures. Our goal s to help guide your decisions by providing an accurate overview and assist you in optimizing your plan. We conduct a thorough analysis of the project life cycle to understand the overall impact of the technology, from raw material extraction to product or solution end-of-life considerations.

      This holistic approach not only delves into technical aspects like performance and compatibility with your equipment, but also evaluates overall sustainability from a business standpoint. Drawing on our expertise in analyzing and optimizing industrial fuel choices, we customize solutions to meet your specific energy and/or GHG reduction needs, making implementation easier and minimizing potential disruptions in the face of evolving energy landscapes.

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