Digital transformation offers many advantages to optimize processes, but it also carries risks. As a result, companies must prioritize industrial cybersecurity to protect their operations, their workers and the environment. Because operational technologies (OTs), industrial control systems (ICSs) and information technologies (ITs) are quickly evolving, cybersecurity approaches must also be agile, while understanding that people are an essential part of this dynamic equation.


  1. Your challenges

    • Automation and Industrial Technologies (IT/OT) 6

      System digitalization is changing your methods

      As an industrial company, you want greater insight into your operational data. You also need to share this useful information across your various production lines and with decision makers who previously couldn’t access it. Data sharing and volume is becoming increasingly important, cloud computing use is on the rise and connectivity across systems is intensifying.

      These new practices are now standard in your organization; they’re designed to ensure better cohesion among your teams and to benefit from data analysis so you can remain competitive and innovative. But with these new capabilities comes new risks. This transformation means that your industrial control systems and supply chain management software are facing increased cybersecurity challenges and are making your processes more complex. So, adaptability becomes the watchword.

      The importance of people in your cybersecurity strategy

      Too often overlooked, people are a key factor when integrating cybersecurity into new or existing technologies and practices. Implementing a new system to mitigate all risks in one fell swoop is not a viable long-term solution. All members of your team must commit to following approved work methods and sharing the responsibility.

      That’s why you need to work on your teams’ methods, which have generally been ingrained for years, so they develop new protection reflexes, thereby leaving no potential cybersecurity gaps.

    • Three pillars supporting our cybersecurity experts’ approach

      People BBA’s experts incorporate change management into their solutions, a key success factor.
    • Processes BBA’s multidisciplinary teams have mastered industrial processes and understand their challenges.
    • Technologies Before they’re deployed, new technologies are tested in BBA’s cybersecurity labs.
  2. Our approach

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      Our cybersecurity approach is adapted to the industrial sector

      BBA’s multidisciplinary teams have extensive experience in industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT), as well as in-depth knowledge of regulatory and cybersecurity frameworks and requirements. This holistic vision, from automation to security governance, allows them to identify major issues and risks much more quickly and to integrate proven and, most importantly, operationally effective solutions. Of course, they know that for an effective industrial cybersecurity program, it must reflect the company’s vision and support its growth.

      Download our IACS Cybersecurity Risk Methodology Report
  3. IACS Cyber Security Incident Response Playbook

    The IACS Cyber Security Incident Response Playbook, which combines various internationally recognized IT/OT cyber incident response standards with the Incident Command System, will support the advancement of standards, best practices and guidelines related to protecting critical energy infrastructure.

    Download the playbook
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