Although the transition to cleaner fuels is underway, conventional fossil fuels remain a part of the energy mix in many industries. Despite the exceptional richness of these resources and improved processes, exploiting them involves certain risks that must be managed with extreme caution, given their potentially flammable or explosive nature and their impact on the environment. The very safety of our workers, our communities and our environment is at stake.

Process Safety

  1. Your challenges

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      Identify your risks proactively, based on evolving standards

      Identifying your needs is an important step in developing your process safety systems. It helps come up with solutions that are adapted to your equipment and your specific operations. For example, external factors related to urban sprawl near industrial areas and everchanging standards and codes can also affect your operational compliance—a requirement for your licence to operate.

      This is a dynamic exercise that must be reviewed regularly to ensure your workers and assets are protected and your environmental mitigation and monitoring plans are effective.

      Develop safe, cost-effective and practical solutions

      You want to meet your safety obligations while prioritizing project profitability. You can rely on the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) principle, an industry practice designed to achieve the lowest level of risk that's reasonably possible in a real-life situation. Your goal: to set up protection systems and means of mitigation that will help achieve established security criteria while maintaining a pragmatic approach based on your operational reality.

  2. Our approach

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      Our applied knowledge of industrial safety

      For over 40 years, our corporate culture has put health, safety and the environment first—it’s second nature for BBA. Attentive to the latest standards and regulations, our experts are a solid reference for our clients. And with their field experience, they have a deep understanding of the issues industrial and technological companies face, which allows them to combine creativity and applied science to meet even the most complex challenges.

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