Industrial and Tech Minerals

The use of industrial and tech minerals is on the upswing. Lithium and graphite, which are used to manufacture batteries, are highly sought-after and offer interesting prospects for mine operators. Industrial minerals are also used in a range of other products, such as agricultural fertilizers, concrete and plastics. The rapidly-growing world population has a direct impact on demand for consumer products and, by extension, minerals.

The abundance of Canada’s mineral resources, combined with improved deposit processing, plays a big role in strengthening the industrial and tech minerals sector.

Industrial and Tech Minerals

  1. Your challenges
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      Ensure project success

      The geology of industrial and tech mineral deposits is complex, as is the characterization of ores. In order to ensure that your operation remains profitable, you must carefully control costs while taking each deposit’s unique features and intended use into account.

      Industrial mineral concentrates must meet very specific technical criteria dictated by end users; therefore, extraction and processing methods must be carefully selected. Concentrate particle size and purity are some of the elements that come into play and will determine the long-term viability of your project.

      In this context, a mining facility’s profitability is based on a comprehensive analysis of market needs, as well as its ability to produce a concentrate that meets specific end-user requirements.

      Your challenges:

      • Assess the feasibility of your project
      • Meet specific end-user requirements
      • Ensure the consistency and quality of your production
      • Maximize processing capacity and mineral recovery
      • Manage tailings and hazardous waste
      • Meet environmental compliance standards and regulations
  2. Our approach
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      Let our experts support you at every phase of your project

      The experts at BBA are involved in each stage of our clients’ mineral development projects, from economic and geological studies to detailed engineering, as well as commissioning and operational support.

      Our team designs solutions that minimize your environmental footprint thanks to using proven methods to manage tailings and hazardous waste. Our automation and control process experts will also standardize your production and meet your demands for the breadth of the ore produced.

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