Hydropower is the key to decarbonizing the North American economy. This reliable and flexible energy source can be integrated with less stable forms of renewable energy. Hydropower development is accelerating around the world, and Canadian expertise is in high demand among operators.

With many existing hydropower facilities requiring refurbishment, significant investment will be needed to continue reaping the benefits of this strategic infrastructure. And with the advanced technology and financial programs available in today’s hydropower sector, the opportunity has never been greater.


  1. Your challenges
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      Refurbish and upgrade your facilities

      Even as they age, your facilities must continue meeting the most stringent technical and environmental standards to maintain operating permits. If upgrades and reconstruction are needed to ensure operational compliance, a rigorous feasibility study is a must, and will provide you with the data you need to identify the projects that offer the greatest potential and on which you should focus your efforts.

      Increase your generation capacity

      You can increase your generation capacity by harnessing the most effective and sophisticated new technologies, and thereby ensure the sustainability and efficiency of your hydropower assets. However, any migration to new industrial technologies must cause minimal operational impact and ensure that operations continue without major interruptions or problems and that your staff can adapt quickly.

      Ensure preventive maintenance of your assets

      For safety reasons, your aging assets must be maintained at all times. Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) is a winning strategy and will help you make informed decisions and the right investment choices at the right time.

      FMECA takes into account all your historical data, operating conditions and experience managing similar equipment. It enhances your ability to perform preventive maintenance on your assets and save money, while minimizing risk.

  2. Our approach
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      Trusted experts present at every stage of your project

      Owners, operators and developers trust the experts at BBA with all types of projects, whether optimizing existing hydropower facilities or building new ones. BBA also maintains solid relationships with contractors and manufacturers in the hydropower sector.

      We’re on site at each project stage, from planning to commissioning, so we can offer practical solutions that are adapted to your challenges. We also have a wealth of experience working with Indigenous communities, as well as thorough knowledge of government, regulatory and permitting processes to ensure that your project is a success.

      Unique penstock experience

      Our teams have spent over 40 years developing expertise in penstock preventive maintenance and rehabilitation and new structure design. Our innovative approach helps reduce construction costs and ensures projects are financially viable. Without this unique approach, many projects to which BBA has contributed would not have seen the light of day.

      A team specializing in pumped-storage plants (PSPs)

      In the coming decades, PSPs will remain one of the most viable solutions from both an economic and an environmental standpoint. Our team of experts has planned and designed PSPs around the world, representing a total of 3,000 MW, while developing partnerships to support detailed engineering for these projects. We are one of the few firms with recent experience in this area.

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