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The era of digital transformation and energy transition is here. As technologies multiply on the market, promising to optimize your operations, improve your energy efficiency and maximize your equipment use, how do you make the right choices? More importantly, how do you incorporate them in a way that increases your company’s overall productivity and profitability, while being safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible? Find out how BBA can help you make sense of it all.

  • Pulp and paper layers

    Pulp, Paper and Forestry

    As a true pillar of the Canadian economy, the forestry industry represents a significant portion of our national exports. Solid lumber, particle board, biomaterials, biochemicals, biofuels, pulp and paper—forests provide us with a vast range of products.

    New products are also emerging, presenting diversified business opportunities for logging companies. These new offerings include sugar and lignin, which are made of converted wood chips, and biomaterials such as nanocrystals and cellulose filaments.

    In order to take advantage of market opportunities and ensure business continuity, it’s critical for industries to focus on solutions and technologies that will optimize every aspect of their operations.

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  • Data Centres - Super computers

    Data Centres

    Data centres are popping up in unprecedented numbers. This growth is partly due to the rise of cloud computing, as well as our widespread adoption of digital technology. To top it all off, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies plays an important role in data centre expansion.

    These locations use substantial electrical power to run both the servers and the air conditioning that keeps them cool. The main challenge faced by data centre operators lies in balancing reliability, cost and energy efficiency in order to optimize return on investment.

    Canada produces clean and reliable energy, enjoys competitive electricity rates and boasts a naturally cold climate, making it the perfect location to host these centres.

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  • Agrifood grain


    Food and beverage processing is one of the largest manufacturing industries in Canada and employs the most workers—and it continues to grow!

    Among the challenges specific to this industry is meeting growing consumer needs while remaining competitive in an ever-changing global marketplace.

    Companies in this sector can benefit quickly from the interesting opportunities that arise from the 4th industrial revolution, which is based on digital technologies.

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