Who we are

  1. We help companies with their challenges and transformation by relying on our sharp business acumen, extensive practical experience and vast technological curiosity. We use all our teams’ ingenuity to develop innovative, scalable and proven engineering strategies and solutions. As catalysts for change, we’re committed to supporting the industry in its transition to a sustainable, mutually beneficial future.

    • Mission

      We are proud professionals who positively impact society’s development by providing practical and technologically advanced solutions in a mindful way.

    • Vision

      BBA will be top of mind for clients and talented people seeking a professional services firm that thrives on creating value for communities with safe, sustainable and resilient solutions.

  2. Our values

    1. Driven by steadfast values
    2. People First

      The health, safety and wellness of our employees, clients and the public are our responsibility. We treat them as family.

    3. Ingenuity

      We always find a way to make it work. We exceed expectations by taking our client’s challenges as our own.

    4. Eco-mindfulness

      As we develop our projects, we respect, protect and care for the environment and its resources. They are our legacy to future generations.

    5. Rigour

      We aim for quality in everything we do. Working together with our clients from ground level, we do it right the first time.

    6. Fun and collaboration

      By collaborating and sharing our knowledge, we empower each other.

  3. Our people

    Every day, we go beyond engineering and encourage our team to do the same, with the goal of building a sustainable world together.

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  4. Our evolution

    • In numbers

      1,500+ employees
    • 160+ partners
    • 20+ offices across Canada
      and abroad
    • +91% client satisfaction
    • 16 consecutive years among
      Canada's Best Managed Companies
  5. Safety is second nature to us

    Health and safety are a way of thinking, acting and living. They become a reflex that we develop and that stays with us in everything we do. At BBA, achieving excellence in this area is a responsibility shared by our executives, managers and employees.

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