Rock fragmentation cannot be improvised. It requires expertise that relies on an in-depth understanding of your operations and a fair assessment of a host of factors, from selecting explosive products to geomechanics and optimizing blasting sequences.

Drill and Blast


    • Mining - Tunnel with mining machinerie

      Engineering and optimization work on drilling and blasting applications

      Our goal is to help you reduce the costs of rock fragmentation operations and to optimize your processes. By applying rigorous control and implementing quality indicators, we can improve the energy distribution and consistency of your blasting operations. Our holistic approach makes it easier to identify critical blasting parameters, enabling you to establish priority actions and quantify downstream impacts of the process, i.e., during loading, crushing and, where necessary, grinding. We optimize the process by analyzing your data and focusing on value creation and sustainability.

      • Mine-to-mill studies
      • Fragmentation prediction, measurement and analysis
      • Vibration and overpressure control
      • Dilution control
      • Signature holes to optimize the blasting sequence
      • Air curtain design for blasting near aquatic environments
      • Technical audit
      • Legal expertise

      Analyses, modelling and prediction

      Our knowledge of the latest software, combined with our field experience, enables us to meet the most complex challenges. Our solutions are based on reliable data and reflect operator specifications. Our multidisciplinary approach promotes a thorough understanding of the work to be carried out and a clear vision of all factors that influence your profitability. Our engineers have carried out all kinds of mandates and can offer the benefit of their extensive expertise.

      • Fragmentation
      • Vibration
      • Air overpressure
      • Influence radii for explosive charges
      • Power distribution
      • Ore displacement
      • Smooth or final wall blasting practices
    • Material handling - Truck transporting ore

      Technical personnel secondment

      Our engineers can integrate into your teams to ensure operational continuity. Versatile and up to date with the latest systems and software trends, they can share their work plans with your teams to impart expertise and best practices.

      • Drilling and blasting engineers and experts
      • Personnel training
      • Site monitoring

      Compliance and Best Practice

      Whatever the challenge, our experienced team will help you adopt best industry practices and standards. We can serve as a third party to implement your monitoring and instrumentation plan.

      • Instrumentation
      • Standard for wall stability
      • New CNESST regulation
      • Rules of good practice – Regulation respecting sand pits and quarries
      • Assembly of work methods for permitting and execution
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