Digital Power Systems

Power systems are a critical component of most industrial companies and greatly impact operational performance, safety and profitability. Yet, many have limited insight into their system, lacking data on power consumption, unplanned outages and other disruptive events. Many are also in the process of upgrading their infrastructure and equipment, wanting to capitalize on digital transformation. The good news is, there are many opportunities for improvement.

Digital Power Systems

  1. Your challenges
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      It pays off to make your power system “smarter”

      By being well-equipped to understand the exact state of your power system, you’ll have all the relevant data to optimize the life of your plant and equipment and maximize their use for better overall asset management, thereby making it easier to forecast your investments.

      A smarter system will help you make the best investment decisions based on accurate and complete facts: real-time monitoring, data historization, customized reports and performance indicators, predictive maintenance, etc.

      Managing your operations and workforce more efficiently

      With digital power systems, you’ll gain greater guaranteed performance, based on using industry-recognized standards and technologies, and an increased flexibility through system modularity, interoperability and easier modifications along the way.

      Modernizing your equipment or implementing new systems can solve many problems with the reliability, sustainability and cybersecurity of your installations. This will allow your teams to operate the power system safely, greatly limiting their onsite work.

  2. Our approach
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      Planning, advising and equipping our clients

      Our BBA experts work closely with our clients to provide them with a clear vision of their power system. First, we assess their infrastructure and work with them to develop master plans based on their priorities and investment plans.

      By being neutral when selecting technology suppliers, we ensure you get the most benefit from integrating them into your infrastructure and equipment. That’s why we first test our solutions in our technology labs before implementing them, to ensure interoperability, reliability and security. We do this to ensure the technology can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

      One of the major advantages of the BBA team is the in-depth knowledge we have of our clients’ operations. Thanks to our local presence, we can get to the site quickly and develop solutions that fit perfectly into your operations. As such, it’s important to mention that health and safety are key priorities in our corporate culture and are reflected in our actions on site, in our labs and in our engineering designs.

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