Industrial Telecommunication and Infrastructure

With digital transformation, it has become imperative for industrial clients to ensure communications are constantly available across the board and offer high performance levels. Although there are many benefits to modernizing telecommunications networks, it must not be at the expense of operational continuity. When it comes to their systems, their communication networks or their storage and processing servers, industrial companies have a common goal: to ensure data reliability, availability and security.

Industrial Telecommunication and Infrastructure

  1. Your challenges

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      Digital transformation and remote-control operation (Industry 4.0)

      With the introduction of integrated operation centres, including remote-control operation, digital transformation delivers better cohesion across teams. Remote-control operation provides remote maintenance support and problem solving and offers access to a larger team of experts. It also lowers worker exposure to risk-prone environments. Given the shortage of skilled labour in remote areas, this is clearly a significant asset for your organization.

      To secure these benefits, you need a telecommunications infrastructure that can provide robust, high-performance, cybersecure data transmission to all areas of your industrial sites, and over long distances, where required.

      The importance of cybersecurity and control system availability

      The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology is not without its own perils and must be rigorously managed. Cyber threats are increasingly putting your operations at risk. As a result, you need to significantly reduce the number of failures in your industrial systems that have negative consequences on your company, whether they’re major production shutdowns or even events affecting work health and safety or the environment (injuries, toxic product spills, equipment failures, etc.). That’s why solutions must be implemented to increase profitability and reduce costs, while keeping operations safe.

  2. Our approach

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      BBA’s flexible and integrated approach

      Our experts design and deploy technological infrastructures using industry best practices and focusing on long-term system evolution. This is one of the key advantages of working with our multidisciplinary industrial teams: they’re familiar with the latest predictive maintenance and operational intelligence applications, manufacturing execution systems (MES), quality management systems, etc. With an understanding of industry needs and constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies, our teams build flexible, scalable and, above all, cybersecure technological infrastructures.

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