Refining, Storing and Transporting Petroleum Products

Canada has the third largest supply of crude oil in the world, which is why major producers and refiners have chosen to locate here. Sustaining profit margins and optimizing the use of raw materials throughout the exploitation and transformation processes are key industry challenges and lowering GHG emissions is now a must.

Additionally, many industrial companies use fossil fuels to power their facilities. This means that when you use fuel, you’re forced to transport and store a highly flammable material and deal with associated risks. To effectively manage these risks and ensure business continuity, fuel tanks must be designed and maintained in accordance with applicable standards and very strict storage methods.

Refining, Storing and Transporting Petroleum Products

  1. Your challenges

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      Combining profitability and safety

      You want to get the most out of your investments and increase the energy efficiency of your refining facilities, without compromising the safety of your workers or your installations. In addition to increasing facility performance, you need to set up a foolproof risk and loss management process.

      Prevent risks

      There’s no room for compromise when it comes to fuel transportation and storage. You need to ensure your facilities meet regulations and have proven procedures set up for emergencies. Worker safety and smooth day-to-day operations depend on it. You also need a clear picture of the risks that come with the way you store your fuel as well as a rigorous plan to mitigate these risks.

  2. Our approach

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      A proven methodology combined with leading-edge expertise

      Our extensive expertise in the petrochemical industry and proven track record in operational safety and automation make BBA the right partner to optimize the safety of your petroleum refining, transportation and storage facilities.

      Our team of experts knows how to get the most out of your existing facilities and how to integrate innovative solutions. Our members can also increase system security by performing studies ranging from incident investigation to a comprehensive review of your operations manuals. Our advanced control experts excel at improving facility performance by providing sophisticated analysis and proven strategies.

      We use a rigorous methodology and involve your staff in verifying your facility’s compliance. Our process experts can also serve as independent investigators to determine the cause of an incident.

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