Food and beverage processing is one of the largest manufacturing industries in Canada and employs the most workers—and it continues to grow!

Among the challenges specific to this industry is meeting growing consumer needs while remaining competitive in an ever-changing global marketplace. Companies in this sector can benefit quickly from the interesting opportunities that arise from the 4th industrial revolution, which is based on digital technologies.


  1. Your challenges
    • Silos on a farm

      Be globally competitive

      Companies in the agri-food industry face many complex challenges: evolving consumer needs, fierce competition, aging facilities, labour shortages, stricter regulations, social acceptability and worker safety.

      Your challenges:

      • Replace and upgrade your aging facilities
      • Efficiently replace your control systems that are nearing their end of life
      • Modernize and secure your telecommunications systems
      • Improve your productivity using innovative solutions, particularly by automating your processes
      • Manage risks related to: combustible dusts, operating machines and processes, operating electrical equipment, aging building structures, atmospheric emissions as well as liquid and solid discharges, noise and vibrations and personnel movements.
      • Improve your communication with neighboring communities
      • Meet strict traceability rules
      • Ensure the transfer of knowledge from your retiring employees and find qualified employees to replace them
      • Be globally competitive
  2. Our approach
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      Achieve operational excellence through customized solutions

      Our clients in the agri-food industry benefit from support at every stage, from diagnostics and strategic planning to environmental monitoring management and implementation.

      Having completed a significant number of mandates in the solid and liquid agri-food sector, our experts from all disciplines help you achieve operational excellence through customized solutions.

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