Development of New Process Technologies

Many companies, universities and investors are embracing innovation at a time when technological development is booming in the industrial and energy sectors. Technology developers dedicate a great deal of effort and resources to watch their innovative ideas turned into effective, profitable and sustainable solutions. But which projects will stand out and move from the preliminary stage to market delivery? By examining their development process, we can identify the key factors that lead to their success.

Development of New Process Technologies

  1. Your challenges

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      Strategically assess your projects from the start

      Whether you’re an individual with a visionary project, a university department head in technology engineering or an investor in startup mode, you need to know the exact status of your innovation project before committing any further.

      The following assessment criteria will help guide your approach: your project’s level of technological maturity, its technical and economic viability, its compliance with laws and regulations, its safety issues, its estimated investment and return as well as the costs required to attract investors who will drive your business plan.

      A pre-feasibility study will help you understand these parameters and decide whether or not to move on to the next development stage. By the same token, if you have a portfolio of innovative projects, you’ll be in a solid position to make strategic decisions, selecting those with the highest success rate.

      Make your vision a reality: from pure science to applied design

      At each stage of your project development process, you want to verify and align all checkpoints with your performance indicators, proactively address any issues that arise along the way and manage risks effectively.

      Be well supported during the product development process

      1. Laboratory
      2. Pilot plant
      3. Validation plant
      4. Commercialization plant

      It may be tempting to believe that going from a pilot project to full commercial production is just a matter of scaling up. However, there will be several technical constraints in terms of operations, efficiency and cost management when bringing your engineering concept to market. We also identify opportunities to improve a technology when applied on a large scale. In short, full scale operation is a whole other world with its own challenges. The BBA team can help you.

  2. Our approach

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      Trust our experts

      With more than 40 years of experience in the field building our knowledge of operations and supporting our industrial clients, we combine technical agility with business acumen to make your project a success. We do this by proposing proven solutions that apply to your operations and by offering the expected return. Because we know that each of these details counts, we focus all our energy on making them happen. In short, we share your goal: work with ingenuity to make your idea a reality and help move our society forward.

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