Our ESG Promise

  1. 2022 ESG reporting

    As a private firm, we're proud to be releasing our first official public ESG report. Since the beginning, we've been mindful of our corporate social responsibilities, and this report demonstrates our continued commitment to sustainable business practices.

    • ESG Report

      40+ years of evolving sustainable practices

      We recognize that transparency and honesty with our stakeholders are imperative in maintaining their trust. As a socially responsible organization, we understand that sustainability is complex and continuously evolving. Therefore, we remain committed to adapting to any changes and challenges we may face in the future so we can remain relevant and dependable.

      This 2022 report reflects our longstanding engagement and highlights our key accomplishments over the last five years.

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      Our leadership's commitment

      Sustainability has taken centre stage and expectations are escalating for organizations to demonstrate strong and measurable ESG performance. This movement is driving companies to advance their business model and innovate in order to thrive in a world where cost competitiveness and productivity remain a key challenge. On the journey to sustainability, we understand that every client’s operations, context and challenges are unique.

      “We're committed to being catalysts for change and supporting the industry in its transition to a sustainable, mutually beneficial future. This starts with leading by example, so we're dedicated to embedding principles of sustainability and scalability into the blueprint of every solution we develop.”

      - Jérôme Pelletier, P.Eng., MBA, BBA President and CEO

      (Photo: Catherine Lefebvre)

    • EN United Nations Goals New background

      Contributing to the United Nations sustainability mission

      In 2015, the United Nations crafted a framework of peace and prosperity for all people and our planet. The objective was to unify all countries on meaningful end states. This led to the creation of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), to achieve by 2030.

      Companies have an important role to play in attaining them, and BBA is committed to being part of this shared global plan for the planet. We've identified the UN SDGs that our firm contributes to the most through our client projects and in our own operations.

      BBA's 6 core UN SDGs

      • Quality education
      • Gender equality
      • Affordable and clean energy
      • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
      • Responsible consumption and production
      • Climate action
  2. Initiatives toward United Nations Goals

  3. Key ESG accomplishments

    Driving positive change within our firm and in the industry

    BBA's culture is centered around a passion for fostering human ingenuity to better value nature. Our team of experts is committed to developing innovative, sustainable and socially responsible projects for our clients and communities, while supporting BBA's goal of being an exemplary corporate citizen. Over the past five years, we've taken even more steps to strengthen environment, social and governance (ESG) practices within our organization and the industry, setting the tone for future progress.

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      To build a better future, we need to be fully aware of our impact on the environment and the actions we can take to reduce it. That's why BBA takes the time to listen to, learn from and get inspired by communities. We recognize that governance and educational tools, including reconciliation and advocacy efforts, are critical to our environment and emission management strategy.

      Some of the initiatives we've launched in recent years to support our corporate goals include:

      Environment and emission management:

      • Our Toward Net Zero plan was rolled out in 2022 and will continue to 2030.
      • A partnership was officially signed in 2022 with Tree Canada to compensate for the firm's carbon emissions over the last 40 years.
      • A pilot project to reduce site travel, leveraging HoloLens virtual reality technology, was initiated in 2022.
      • The strategic acquisition of Biofilia was part of our commitment to expand our environmental services and anchor eco-mindfulness in our core values.
      • Since 2018, our sponsorship of the ACEC-Canada Breton award (previously known as the Tree for Life award) and awareness campaigns have aimed to promote environmental mindfulness among our employees, clients and industry stakeholders.

      Biodiversity and resource conservation:

      • Various measures were implemented at our offices to reduce our environmental impact: geothermal power, electrical charging stations, eco-friendly features and more.
      • Beehives and rooftop garden activities were created to foster biodiversity and build awareness.
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      Since its founding, BBA has contributed to improving the quality of life in communities where it operates. Putting people first is a priority in everything we do. We show how we care about the safety and wellness of our employees, our clients and the public, as well as the environment.

      Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

      • A DEI committee was created in combination with the Osmosis Network in 2022 to advance women’s talent and stimulate conversations around gender diversity.
      • We've been partnering with Artemis Project since 2000, supporting women's expertise.
      • We adjusted our recruiting process to ensure greater diversity and organized various awareness initiatives, i.e., training sessions and activities with university groups to support women in science, including scholarships across Canada.

      Common goals with Indigenous communities

      • We've been involved in numerous Indigenous projects over the years and plan to continue growing this inspiring synergy together to create healthier communities.
      • As part of our governance process and a key component of our Indigenous Peoples policy (published in 2020), we want to learn more from these communities by working alongside them.

      Health, safety and well-being​

      • We offer and continually enhance our various programs to support our employees: the Employee and Family Assistance program, our confidential anti-harassment reporting hotline (ALIAS), etc.
      • Our extensive Health and Safety Prevention program, put in place in 2011, was re-evaluated and updated to align with our new hybrid work realities.

      Talent development

      • We revisited our Onboarding program to adapt to the new realities of a hybrid workplace, while also making it more dynamic.
      • We launched our new Connect platform to stimulate innovation and gather creative ideas from employees on a regular basis.
      • We set up a new program, My BBA Journey, to support managers and employees during their overall performance and career discussions.

      Charities, donations and volunteering

      • Over the last five years, BBA has donated $1 million to support local communities in environment, education, health and the fight against poverty.
      • BBA teams have participated in various volunteering activities, i.e., cleaning up shorelines along the Western and Eastern coasts, hosting blood drives, assisting organizations that provide aid to those in need and more.
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      To reach our strategic aspirations as an organization that is both innovative and committed to supporting the industry in its transition toward a sustainable and profitable future, we've reviewed our organizational structure and processes to guarantee our success.

      New organizational structure in 2022

      • We introduced two key positions to ensure strong ownership of our critical mandates:
        • Chief People and Sustainability Officer: Responsible for the sustainable development strategy and oversees health and safety, knowledge, talent and culture.
        • VP, Health, Safety and Sustainability: Oversees policies for employee well-being, environmental protection and social responsibility.

      Board mandate and selection

      • To align with corporate goals and values, our board member selection process maps criteria and identifies gaps. By carefully considering these criteria, we've been actively working to equip our team with the necessary resources to effectively drive the firm forward. Selection criteria include: leadership, ethics, engagement, technical skills, experience in strategic planning and diversity. A focus is also put on gender and regional representation.

      Training and guidance for our leaders

      • Our leaders receive ongoing ESG training, which includes diversity, equity and inclusion, Indigenous engagement, as well as corporate governance, enabling them to navigate this complex and quickly evolving landscape.

      BBA's selection to be part of the prestigious jury for Canada's Best Managed Companies

      • BBA is proud to have been given the opportunity to be part of the 2021 independent jury responsible for evaluating candidate submissions. This privileged invitation reflects BBA’s experience and status in the program. For 14 consecutive years, BBA has solidified its position in this prestigious ranking, demonstrating its commitment to excellence.
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