Mine Tailings and Waste Management

Many of the everyday products we enjoy contain minerals, and the demand for these raw materials continues to grow. However, mineral extraction generates tailings and waste that mining operators must manage responsibly to minimize the environmental impact of their operations while ensuring the safety of neighbouring communities.

How can you successfully fulfill your regulatory and social obligations without eating away at your profit margins? It’s important to be aware of the real costs associated with your mine waste and tailings, and to ensure their rigorous planning and management.

Mine Tailings and Waste Management

  1. Your challenges

    • Mining - Mine tailings

      Conducting operations in a more sustainable and economical way

      Understanding the full cost of managing your tailings can help you identify sources of considerable savings and profitability. Your goal is to find technical solutions that are both practical and economical, so you can dispose of your tailings, whether solid or liquid, while respecting regulations related to your area of activity. There are various factors to consider when choosing solutions, such as the distance tailings must travel before disposing of them.

      Your challenges:

      • Identify and manage long-term tailings risks
      • Minimize the impact of tailings ponds on ecosystems
      • Optimize your mine tailings management
      • Respect regulations
  2. Our approach

    • Dam Risk Assessment

      Your experienced partner, from studies to installation rehabilitation

      Thanks to years of experience helping mining operators increase their operational performance, our experts can offer you effective management solutions for mine waste—tailings, waste rock, overburden—as well as sludge and contaminated water.

      We plan, establish and implement each project in a safe and cost-effective manner based on high quality standards. We also provide support for mine rehabilitation, restoration, closure and monitoring.

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