Planning and Design

An industrial company’s operations are complex. They require a thorough understanding of processes, market specifics, and current standards and regulatory requirements. Just as digital transformation, data enhancement and cybersecurity are added to the equation, health, safety and the environment also remain priorities. Find out how we incorporate all these variables into a multidisciplinary approach that’s designed to optimize your projects in an agile, innovative and sustainable way.

  • Mining Engineering - Mine Infrastructure

    Mining Engineering

    Mining knowledge and practices have greatly evolved in recent years. The search for sustainable solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges is now geared toward using resources and technologies efficiently, with a focus on team cohesion and agility. From strategy to execution, our holistic approach is designed to create value throughout the entire project life cycle. Learn more about our vision for mine planning and design, based on over 40 years of practical experience.

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  • Power Systems Engineering - Substations

    Power Systems Engineering

    Our society is moving toward a low-carbon industrial future. Achieving this goal, while ensuring a reliable and adequate energy supply will require a serious effort over the next few decades. Moreover, the growth in global energy demand and integrating renewable energy sources will require new agility. Learn more about our team’s advances in energy efficiency, asset management and business strategy. BBA is ready to help.

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  • Piping 3

    Biofuels, Oil and Gas Processing

    Building a future of sustainable energy is part of a collective effort to redefine the basis of how we industrialize and use resources. Meeting ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets does not mean excluding fossil fuels altogether; however, there must be a significant shift. Technology will play a significant role in our cost-effective energy system. Learn about our approach to better managing fuel development and use, so it can be part of the solution.

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  • Soil and infra rock mechanics 2

    Soil and Infrastructure Engineering

    The future of industrial development depends on using resources responsibly and managing operations reliably and skillfully. Since all industrial activity affects land, water and people, it’s essential to develop appropriate plans and measures. It’s also important to ensure workers are safe, consider site complexity and adapt to climatic conditions, all while maintaining project profitability and meeting deadlines. See how our experts approach these challenges.

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  • Technologies - Cables plugged in computer

    Automation and Industrial Technologies (IT/OT)

    Innovation and technology are essential for companies in an era where sustainable development is a key objective for our society, especially since the frantic pace of the market is reinforcing this trend. To remain competitive, organizations must be agile while managing vast amounts of data. While this data is a valuable resource, it’s also a complex challenge. Find out how our digital solutions will help you make informed business decisions that are both profitable and sustainable.

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