Operational and Project Excellence

The BBA team helps you take your projects to new heights. Our expertise allows us to optimize your resource and process efficiency, tapping into your team's experience and initiative. Together, we establish an ambitious plan for your project's optimal life cycle in terms of cost and schedule. We’re committed to your success and continuous improvement.

Operational and Project Excellence

  1. The added value that sets us apart

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      Enhance your engineering and construction projects

      Beyond the task at hand, what truly makes our approach stand out is the enduring value we deliver to your team, by cultivating new skills and building work synergy. We see your team as an active partner in implementing solutions.

      Key benefits:

      • Cost and time savings
      • Optimized efficiency
      • Improved quality
      • High performance standards
      • Employee engagement and leadership development
      • Sustainability and innovation

    • 5D methodology - Operational excellence deployment

      Definition Objectives
    • Diagnosis Obstacles
    • Design Methodologies
    • Deployment Communication
      KPI tracking
    • Durability Responsibility
  2. Our approach


      Integrated engineering and construction support solutions for the mining and energy industries

      With ambitious planning and working closely with your team, together we craft your project’s ideal life cycle in terms of cost, quality and time using rigorous key indicators.

      • Co-creation with the client team

      • Technical and people support

      • Adaptive change management

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