Competitive markets are forcing industry to revisit all aspects of their operational strategy to increase productivity, improve equipment use and lower costs, paired with energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction. To meet growing market needs, industry needs to shift into high gear.

Advanced Control Systems

  1. Your challenges
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      Your challenges go beyond process control

      You face many challenges that can affect several aspects of your operations. At any given time, you need to consider your performance objectives, as well as your process constraints: electrical power, physical characteristics of products, inventory management, etc.

      There are many ways you can optimize your operations. For example, mechanical equipment deterioration may be causing production shutdowns and out-of-spec products, or poorly adapted instrumentation, may prevent accurate performance indicator (KPI) readings.

      Whether you need to increase production, improve your recovery rate or stabilize product quality, we’re here to guide you. If you don’t have enough qualified workers, we can also provide support by setting up an expert system that will model your best operator. Whatever the challenge, we have specialists in our multidisciplinary team who can help you.

  2. Our approach
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      Integrating the right solutions that make sense for your operations

      Our experts prefer to approach challenges from an overall perspective of optimization because, as a rule, there are many gains in performance and reliability that can be had from simple maintenance and adjustments that will significantly lower your costs. Sometimes, simply optimizing your process alarms and control loop settings can make all the difference. We work with your teams to identify and quantify the improvements that will have the greatest impact on your business.

      Our approach is based on extensive field experience

      Our people have spent thousands of hours in control rooms with operators and process engineers and have practical knowledge of plant start-ups. This vast experience translates into solutions that are tailored to your operational reality and pre-tested to get it right the first time. Our experts can also respond quickly and effectively in the field to perform accurate diagnoses and solve the most complex problems. That’s the value of operational experience.

    • Objectives of advanced process control:

      Improve performance
    • Manage constraints
    • Control quality
    • Protect equipment
  3. Solutions we offer
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