In Canada—as in any northern country—many industrial companies carry out a significant number of their projects in hard-to-reach locations and harsh weather conditions. This is coupled with the constant pressure to tighten construction schedules and reduce overall costs of ever-growing projects.

Designing structures that will stand the test of time in such complex environments while meeting tight deadlines and budgets is no easy feat.

Industrial Structures

  1. Your challenges

    • Soil infra - Structures on a construction site

      Optimize the value of your investment

      Your projects include significant design constraints and must be carried out quickly; the profitability of your projects and your company is at stake.

      Your structures and buildings are important assets that must endure for your initial investment to pay off. They often house, support and protect equipment that is essential to your operations. However, they are constantly subject to a variety of risks that, if not considered at the design stage, can cause the structure and the equipment in it to deteriorate more rapidly. This can be a threat to worker safety: seismic hazards, arid climate, widely varying temperatures, equipment vibration, use of and exposure to corrosive substances and much more.

      Your challenges:

      • Reduce the costs and construction time of your structures
      • Extend the lifespan of your structures
      • Provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment
      • Facilitate the maintenance of your facilities
      • Optimize your facilities’ operations
      • Increase your plant production capacity (expansion)
      • Comply with applicable standards and requirements
      • Modernize your infrastructure and make the transition to Industry 4.0
  2. Our approach

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      Precise front-end engineering to save time and money

      BBA’s experts are recognized for finding innovative design and construction solutions in the most complex and inhospitable environments. They will help you choose the appropriate construction methods and materials based on the location of your plant, soil composition and climate conditions, not to mention our expertise in vibration control, which will maximize the lifespan of your facilities and protect your workers.

      Every day, BBA’s experts strive to find solutions to meet one of your most important objectives: optimizing the value of your investment based on the projected life of the plant. Their precise front-end engineering will help you reduce the number of questions from the site, saving you time and money.

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