Health and Safety

  1. Safety is second nature to us

    Health and safety are a way of thinking, acting and living. They become a reflex that we develop and that stays with us in everything we do. At BBA, achieving excellence in this area is a responsibility shared by our executives, managers and employees.

  2. We rigorously monitor our presence on site

    Sites are an amazing opportunity to train our young engineers and improve our technical concepts. However, they also bring their share of risks, a reality that BBA takes very seriously. That’s why we’ve put the most stringent provisions in place to ensure everyone’s safety:

    • Health and Safety Policy

      This policy requires BBA to comply with health and safety laws, regulations and standards

    • Health and Safety Prevention Program

      This addresses all activities carried out by our employees, consultants and subcontractors in both our facilities and our clients’ facilities.

    • Pre-site Coaching Program

      This program raises awareness among less-experienced employees about the specific characteristics of this type of environment.

  1. On site or at the office, our prevention is ongoing

    Whether at the office or at home, health and safety are a priority. That's why we set up an ongoing awareness program, including regular communications about safe behaviour in everyday life.  

    Every year, through our annual employee bonus program, BBA also assesses and rewards the active participation of employees in the near-miss reporting program, which is aimed at developing the right reflexes. Proof that every little gesture can pay off.

  2.  We care about our colleagues’ mental health

    One of society’s greatest challenges is living with stress and anxiety. BBA has an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) to support employee mental health. Our harassment awareness program is also intended to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Finally, to encourage healthy lifestyles, BBA invests heavily in its social and sports facilities.

  1. And we cultivate our good habits by regularly reassessing ourselves...

    Ongoing review of our internal processes

    Project and office audits

    Regional OHS committees with our employees

    Consulting with our clients and suppliers

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