Decarbonization and Energy Transition

Decarbonization is happening now, and everyone has a hand in shaping it. Society has all the right resources and technologies to build a sustainable economy and achieve carbon neutrality. Multiple industry players now need to work together to create this new energy world quickly.

Decarbonization and Energy Transition

  1. Strategically planning industrial decarbonization

  2. Working together to develop cleaner power sources

    Operational decarbonization is something that needs to be approached holistically. It’s part of a series of collaborations and partnerships aimed at creating a circular economy to everyone’s benefit.

    At BBA, our recognized expertise in energy, our experience with industrial processes, our in-depth knowledge of the various available technologies and our network of industry partners are great assets for your projects. We’re here to help you achieve your most ambitious plans and build an innovative company!

  3. Our approach

    • Project Page Hero Impact study of NER Cs clean power plan

      Technical savvy, practical knowledge and strong business acumen

      Recognizing that every decarbonization initiative makes a meaningful difference for the environment, our teams combine their technical and practical knowledge and strong business acumen to make every project as successful as possible.

      From analysis through to implementation, we provide attentive and approachable service that reflects all aspects of your operations, your business model and the interrelationships in the value chain. With a multidisciplinary and holistic vision, we're able to offer practical assistance with strategic plan development. We can also help you get ideas off the ground with agile and structured implementation.

      Funding application process: get the right support

      There are various grants and other forms of financial assistance available to make it easier to implement green solutions within your company, whether it’s to modernize your plant, upgrade production methods or integrate new technology.

      Our experts have in-depth knowledge of market needs, current standards and regulations, industrial processes and financing programs, and can work with you to develop a solid project based on thorough data.

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      Technology integrators: the industry is our playground

      The industry has evolved dramatically over the years, and BBA has kept pace, helping clients transition to resilient, low-carbon solutions that are better for the environment. With over 40 years of industry expertise, we can integrate new technologies and improvement solutions without affecting your operations. That’s why we make it a point to work regularly on site to deepen our understanding of your operations, no matter how unique or complex they may be.

      We want to support you in creating projects that make sustainability a top priority. With unwavering dedication, we'll help you develop a strategic plan for your operations, optimize your energy supply and consumption, maximize your facility and equipment use, and more.

      Addressing today's challenges while planning for tomorrow

      Innovation is rapidly reshaping the energy sector. That's why we believe custom solutions are sometimes the key to overcoming highly complex challenges. Our solutions are designed to accommodate your current needs and commitments, while leaving your options open for the future. You'll be able to seize new opportunities, adjust to the rapidly changing carbon market and make the most of each new development when the time is right.

      As a leader in decarbonization technology solutions, BBA is actively involved in some of Canada’s largest green implementation projects:

      • Decarbonization roadmap
      • Carbon capture at the source and directly from the atmosphere
      • Improved energy efficiency
      • Green hydrogen
      • Solar and wind energy and storage
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