Data Centres

Data centres are popping up in unprecedented numbers. This growth is partly due to the rise of cloud computing, as well as our widespread adoption of digital technology. To top it all off, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies plays an important role in data centre expansion.

These locations use substantial electrical power to run both the servers and the air conditioning that keeps them cool. The main challenge faced by data centre operators lies in balancing reliability, cost and energy efficiency in order to optimize return on investment.

Canada produces clean and reliable energy, enjoys competitive electricity rates and boasts a naturally cold climate, making it the perfect location to host these centres.

Data Centres

  1. Your challenges

    • Data centre - Expansion

      Keep your operating costs down

      As a data centre operator, your electrical infrastructure is the most critical factor for data storage and processing. Your facilities must be reliable and robust to attract colocation clients, and to ensure that your investment turns a profit as quickly as possible.

      With your electricity bill accounting for nearly 30% of operating expenses, remaining conservative with your investments while maintaining low operating costs is a challenge in itself.

      Your challenges:

      • Optimizing energy efficiency (PUE)
      • Optimizing electrical facility design and operation, including generator sets and uninterruptible power supply units
      • Selecting efficient and adaptive cooling technologies
      • Ensuring that your data centre meets industry standards (e.g., Uptime Institute)
      • Adopting a modular approach for sustainable data centre growth
      • Establishing a rapid construction concept for your building and facilities
  2. Our approach

    • Data Center server room interior

      Over 40 years of cutting-edge electrical expertise

      BBA offers you a full line of services alongside unparalleled electrical, mechanical and civil engineering expertise. Our high-level electrical know-how, specifically of medium- and high-voltage systems (as well as critical systems), makes us a partner of choice for data centre operators of any size.

      Our approach is based on reducing operating costs and optimizing energy efficiency, whether you’re managing a dedicated server or colocation data centre.

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