In Canada, like elsewhere, greenhouse gas reduction targets are ambitious, and many experts agree that hydrogen will put us on the right track to achieving carbon neutrality. This new source of energy has great potential to decarbonize several sectors of the economy, including energy and natural resource extraction. It creates great business opportunities at every stage of its value chain. Hydrogen may be the smallest molecule in nature, but it has enormous potential.

Low-carbon hydrogen

  1. Your challenges

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      Making the most of hydrogen, from production to use

      Whether you’re in the process of producing, distributing or using hydrogen, you want solutions and technologies to help you get the most out of this valuable resource. It’s also critical that they be integrated into your operations efficiently, sustainably and securely. Of course, this integration must take into account your existing assets and infrastructure, so your project is as profitable as possible. And then there’s storage, a key element that makes using hydrogen particularly attractive by compensating for the intermittency of renewable energies.

      Establish your operating plan at the source

      Where will you build your future hydrogen production plant? Which sources of hydrogen production are most beneficial in your situation: natural gas and other biofuels; or solar and wind power? How will you deliver hydrogen safely and efficiently? Your overall operating strategy must include several considerations to ensure it’s profitable in the short term and remains viable as your needs and the market evolve.

  2. Our approach

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      BBA’s involvement in leading hydrogen projects

      With over 40 years of experience in the industrial sector, our team has worked on some of the largest hydrogen projects in Canada. We’ve developed extensive knowledge of related issues and use our technical agility to come up with solutions adapted to each client.

      Our unique expertise in green hydrogen

      Since the very beginning of delivering green hydrogen to market, BBA has combined its expertise in petrochemicals and renewable energy to integrate hydrogen production and recovery applications. Our recognized expertise in electrical and power plant auxiliary systems and our in-depth knowledge of industrial and petrochemical processes combined with our experience with various hydrogen technologies are great assets that help us optimize your projects.

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