Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice

    BBA is about more than just a workplace. It’s about people. As an employer, we're responsible for creating an inclusive culture based on respect. After all, our daily actions are what will transform our society on a larger scale.

  2. Our Diversity and Inclusion Manifesto
  3. To guide our decisions, we’re committed to the following guiding principles: 
  4. Creating an inclusive culture based on respect.
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      Osmosis Network

      Creating synergy. Powering women's talent.

      At a time where women are still under-represented in the profession, a group of BBA women engineers have created the Osmosis Network, an internal group that focuses on synergy to advance women’s talent and stimulate conversations around gender diversity.

      In addition to its goal of influencing diversity-related decisions at BBA, the Osmosis Network wants to raise employee awareness of various topics by organizing four major networking activities to stimulate discussion. The topics will include mental workload and work performance; women and site work; work-life balance.

  1. Because, simply put, ingenuity is human

    Being able to see differently is a major asset. Especially for a consulting engineering firm whose strength relies on its ability to innovate. At BBA, our projects are richer for the different points of view our people have, be it technical, organizational, generational, cultural or in terms of gender. It's simple: together, we're better.

  2. Because women are still under-represented in engineering

    They say ingenuity has no gender. Yet despite making up more than half of the Canadian population, women are still under-represented in educational engineering programs and in the engineering profession. BBA is proud to follow Engineers Canada's goal to have 30% of women on our teams and in leadership positions by 2030. The firm is also involved in promoting the profession among associations and educational institutions.

  3. Because we need to stimulate conversations about diversity and inclusion

    Understanding the reality is the first step to improving it. BBA therefore believes it’s important to keep communication open with its people throughout the year. The strictly confidential yearly survey is one of the ways we gauge how the organization is doing on various issues, like inclusion. This valuable feedback often becomes the source of tailor-made initiatives led by each of our regional diversity committees.

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