Used in the transportation, construction and infrastructure sectors, aluminum is a sustainable and recyclable material that continues to grow in popularity.

Given that aluminum production is an energy-intensive process, Canada is well-positioned in the market thanks to its low-cost electricity options. Fuelled by hydroelectric power sources, Canada’s aluminum industry has one of the lowest environmental footprints in the world. The next big challenge is to increase productivity in order to remain competitive.


  1. Your challenges

    • Mining - Aluminum

      Optimize your production and meet your objectives

      Optimal power management is key to minimizing production costs and increasing profits. A thorough assessment of your electrical systems—including power plants, grids and substations—is therefore necessary.

      Transforming bauxite into aluminum is a complex process; it requires advanced control mechanisms to ensure adequate productivity and consistent production quality.

      Your challenges:

      • Design and optimize your power systems and electrical facilities
      • Integrate control systems and processes adapted to the aluminum sector
      • Assess your power systems: power plants, grids and substations
  2. Our approach

    • Mining - Aluminum

      For competitive and profitable projects

      BBA has developed an approach based on cost reduction and energy efficiency optimization, helping you increase your productivity and market competitiveness.

      We have leading expertise in hydropower generation, power systems, high-voltage power systems and automation. Our team is here to support you throughout each phase of your project, from feasibility studies to designing and commissioning your facilities. We also ensure that your project complies with regulatory and environmental requirements.

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