Diversity of thought for a sustainable tomorrow

  1. Celebrating inspiring women - Part 1 | International Women's Day, 2022

    One day just isn’t enough to celebrate women’s ingenuity at BBA, so we’ve prepared a series of three portraits. And what better way to showcase women’s leadership than through the lens of sustainable development, one of the world’s biggest challenges of the 21st century.

  2. Inspiring women | Part 1

    • Caroline Lepage

      Meet Caroline Le Page, DGE, M. Env.

      Project Manager, Environment

      Throughout her career, Caroline’s mission has been to ensure that environmental and social considerations are factored into projects, while also including stakeholder interests and concerns as well as technical and economic criteria. Caroline has been involved in a variety of industries, from mining and linear infrastructure to agriculture, and has a multidisciplinary vision of sustainable development.

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    • Carre blanc2

      A plan for our planet

      Her international experience has profoundly influenced her vision of sustainable development. Caroline has witnessed first-hand the impact development projects have on communities, especially on women, which has influenced her approach to engineering and development projects. Caroline confirmed this in Guinea, where she has been involved in several major development projects since 2001.

      “I’ve had the great privilege of working on five continents and have learned that sustainable development is a universal theme that transcends issues of gender, territory and discipline. Concepts of progress and growth have long been considered in opposition to social and environmental concerns. Today, we can demonstrate the benefits: every project has economic spin-offs and opportunities. Sustainable development can be an economic driver, a measure of success in terms of social licensing and an opportunity to innovate and do things differently.”

      A change in perceptions

      While we may think that biologists or environmental experts are responsible for finding solutions to climate change challenges, there’s a growing desire to break down silos. “In my opinion, sustainable development is based on a multidisciplinary approach. You have to be able to see the project as a whole and be fully aware of the technical, socio-economic and environmental issues. You have to initiate an inclusive and collaborative dialogue will all project team members.”

      Everyone’s business

      On a more personal note, Caroline points out that sustainable development is a priority that affects all of us and can be achieved in our daily lives. “Sustainable development is a universal theme that transcends issues of gender, territory and discipline. Whether at home, work, school or in our municipality, we can all make a difference.”

  3. Other inspiring women at BBA


    BBA is about more than just a workplace. It’s about people. As an employer, we're responsible for creating an inclusive culture based on respect. After all, our daily actions are what will transform our society on a larger scale.

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  5. A sustainable tomorrow starts today

    We expect that there will be major opportunities to make a positive impact in the years to come, so we’ve made the energy and natural resources industry our playground.

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