Quality Management

  1. In an increasingly competitive market, where standards are getting stricter and practices are evolving rapidly, quality management is of paramount importance to corporate success and project optimization. At BBA, ensuring deliverable excellence and full client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our operations. Every detail counts, and the entire team has a role to play in achieving these results.

  1. Measuring to improve client satisfaction

    Client satisfaction is a major goal that needs to be well defined and properly assessed. Not only do we aim to fully achieve this goal, but we also work to maintain it over the long term, and even exceed it.

    We have established these four criteria to assess our performance, and we re-assess them on a regular basis to ensure they remain relevant and effective:

    1. Technical capacity
    2. Document quality
    3. Management capacity
    4. Business relationships
  2. Engaging our teams to enhance collaboration

    Quality management involves constantly seeking efficiency and rigour when delivering our services. It’s both a process integrated into our operations and a responsibility shared by all members of our firm, from our managers to our employees and business partners.

    To ensure we have the means to succeed, we’ve implemented systems, processes and tools to achieve the following goals:

    • Maintain, measure and improve our business processes
    • Involve, educate and train all our employees
    • Ensure our experts review our deliverables
    • Hold our teams accountable to continuously improve service quality
  1. Our integrated approach to quality management
    01 Quality management system
    At BBA, quality management is an intrinsic process. We’ve implemented systems, both for managing our firm and for our clients’ projects, that structure and prioritize our actions in terms of risk management and sustainable development:

    - ISO 9001 certification: 2015 (maintained to this day)
    - Satisfaction survey for each client project
    - Project audits – quality and technical, internal process audits
    - Non-conformity management process and corrective actions
    02 Quality improvement and training tools
    We provide our employees with skilled resources who promote and mentor continuous improvement. This allows us to continually raise our standards to deliver reliable, innovative and sustainable designs. We use what we’ve learned from project experience and client satisfaction surveys as levers for knowledge sharing and training. Although we score high in our surveys, we aim to get closer to a perfect score in overall satisfaction.
    03 Improvement projects and change management
    Because BBA is growing quickly and enhancing its service offering, we’ve set up the pillars that support its evolution through robust and agile processes. We assess the effectiveness of our business processes and ensure that they meet evolving needs in a sustainable manner. We do this by actively involving employees, so they embrace change enthusiastically and become part of the solution.
    04 Excellence leaders
    To foster overall engagement, we target excellence leaders in our teams at various hierarchical levels. Excellence leaders are defined by their quality and improvement skills as well as their behavioural knowledge. These leaders embody BBA’s values of excellence and rigour, which they ensure are passed on to the teams in our 15 offices across Canada. This is how we maintain a strong, consistent and unified culture of excellence within our firm.
    • +91% client satisfaction
      for the last 5 years