Geomatics and Visual Simulation

Industrial companies now have access to an impressive amount of geospatial data. However, to take full advantage of this valuable data when designing major projects, they need to know how to process and manage this data, whether for analysis, internal team communications or external publication.

Geomatics and Visual Simulation

  1. Your challenges
    • River and forest

      Geomatics for design

      The concept of geodesign refers to the real-time use of diverse geospatial and mapping data to design a project with an integrated multidisciplinary vision. Based on data democratization, geodesign gives all your collaborators—internal teams, consultants, entrepreneurs and others—access to the same information to improve your project design.

      You can then design your project to reflect the geotechnical, geographic and social constraints associated with it, whether it’s to determine the optimal route for a power line or the location of future mining facilities.

  2. Our solutions
    • Environment - Geomatics drones

      Unmatched knowledge of the natural resources sector

      Our experts focus on major natural resource projects and have extensive knowledge of geomatics for heavy industry. They can customize models and carry out tailor-made projects to produce, analyze and communicate reliable and accurate engineering data.

      Promoting your project’s social acceptability

      The challenges in sustainable development are becoming increasingly more complex and require better use of information and communication technologies in the planning process for major projects.

      New digital 3D and 4D visualization tools help increase the social acceptability of your projects among affected communities, but they also help obtain approvals more quickly from multiple partners. Additionally, these geovisualization tools are naturally integrated into the new practices of public consultation and multicriteria analysis.

      Our simulation techniques are supported by a rigorous and systematic approach to visual analysis. They can be used at every stage or your project planning, from scoping studies and the environmental assessment process to work monitoring.

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