Mine Planning and Design

Mine Planning and Design

  1. Your challenges
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      Tackle your workforce challenges

      The skilled labour shortage is a major challenge in many industrial sectors— especially in remote areas—and the mining industry is no exception. In an increasingly competitive market, finding the right people is also an issue that directly affects your profitability. A holistic approach will help you to consolidate your goals into viable, agile and high-performance solutions. Integrated remote operations centres, autonomous fleets, process automation and artificial intelligence are some examples.

      You can also outsource development projects to external consultants: mine expansions, specialized technical support, long- term plans for key infrastructure (dewatering, power, ventilation, site water management, backfill systems, etc.). In addition to freeing up your time to focus on operations, these experts will bring you a complementary vision that will also serve to benefit your team.

      Integrate technologies that optimize your value chain

      Digital transformation provides a host of opportunities to optimize your value chain: autonomous fleets, battery-electric vehicles, integrated remote operations centres, use of alternative energy sources and many others. All are interesting avenues. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive plan from the start that helps you target the projects that will have the greatest impact, for your business. Another key success factor is involving your teams in the process of integrating new technologies, thereby ensuring good change management.

      Leverage a reliable, sustainable and flexible design

      Sustainable mine planning requires a balance of three fundamental factors to ensure project viability: environment, social license to operate and economic profitability. Additionally, investors are increasingly interested in environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

      Addressing these parameters means developing your mine plans with reliable data (measured with state-of-the-art tools), thorough knowledge of your processes and a business strategy that reflects market needs. Agility is also essential in ensuring your designs stand the test of time.

  2. Our solutions
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      Our multidisciplinary approach enhances your mining projects

      With over 40 years of field experience, our multidisciplinary team will assist you in planning, designing and implementing innovative solutions to optimize your mining projects. Our integrated and collaborative approach helps you meet your legal obligations, your safety and GHG reduction requirements and stay on budget. Through robust planning, we keep you agile, so you can take advantage of future technological advances and capitalize on business opportunities. Our goal is to create value at every stage of your project’s life cycle.

  3. Solutions we offer
      • Mine infrastructure specification and sizing
      • Optimized life-of-mine planning
      • Dilution estimation and mining selectivity optimization
      • Production reconciliation and compliance-to-plan analysis
      • Reporting according to NI 43-101 and JORC requirements
      • Trade-off studies (conventional fleets, autonomous operations, alternative fuels and BEV)
      • Asset life-cycle cost modelling
      • Technical support
      • Cut-off policy optimization
      • Mine development and phasing optimization
      • Mining value chain optimization (“mine-to-mill”)
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