Software Integration and Development

These days, thanks to an increasing number of sensors and ever-growing connectivity, industrial companies have an immense volume of data to draw on. However, it becomes difficult to gain value from it without a comprehensive plan to make sure the data “talks” and that the right instrumentation is in place. Integrating and developing new software, applications and other technology must therefore be part of the company’s overall business strategy to harness its full potential.

Software Integration and Development

  1. Your challenges
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      Having the right information on hand to meet market challenges

      To keep up with the fast-paced market, you want to have access to reliable and relevant data so you can make informed decisions, based on facts, not perceptions. This will allow you to identify improvement opportunities that have the greatest impact on your company’s profitability and performance, based on planned investments, whether it’s to optimize your processes, perform predictive maintenance on your infrastructure or automate certain processes.

      There are many technological solutions available, but will they address the complexity of your operations and be adopted by your entire team? To prevent spending significant amounts of money on tools that your teams are not using to their full capacity, you need a comprehensive digital plan within your operations. Most importantly, this technology ecosystem must be flexible, able to evolve in line with business objectives and take people into account.

  2. Our approach
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      Solutions that fit your needs and take your people into account

      Your operations are unique and complex. That’s why our experts make sure your team is involved, from the audit stage to the digital transformation master plan. This is done to ensure that the solutions they propose meet your objectives in every way and fit into your operational reality.

      If integrating market products doesn’t meet established needs, we can develop a custom solution (heavy, web, mobile application; databases, data warehouses, etc.).

      With experience in operational environments, BBA experts know how important it is to carry out rigorous and planned change management. And, no matter the challenge, the complexity of the problem, the technology or the language used, we have experts on board who are qualified to adapt. We can integrate with your company’s development to take you even further.

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