Power System Studies and Analyses

Industrial and institutional organizations must have a reliable, efficient and secure power system to run smoothly. They should also systematically use specialized power system studies that address both technical and financial aspects. These studies are crucial on numerous occasions, for example, to effectively plan an expansion project, increase operational efficiency or successfully integrate new technologies designed to achieve decarbonization objectives.

Power System Studies and Analyses

  1. Your challenges
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      A grid that complies with various standards

      Power system standards are forever becoming more stringent. To make the right decisions at the right time, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the requirements put in place by system management authorities and to have a clear vision of their potential impact on your operations. Whether it’s to plan your expansion projects, increase the return on your investments, ensure the sustainability of your assets in the face of climate change risks or to facilitate technology-related decisions, you need to make sure your operations comply at all times.

      Plan your system effectively

      You may consider developing a comprehensive power system upgrade and refurbishment program to strategically manage your assets and decarbonize your operations.

      First, you need to establish the sequence of steps that will allow you to grow and achieve your long-term goals. To ensure your power system is well planned, you’ll need reliable data that’s been thoroughly verified in the field and rigorously measured using state-of-the-art equipment.

      Ensure operational continuity

      Your power system plays a critical role in your company’s reliability, so you need to minimize any losses caused by power outages, which can be very costly. Specialized power system studies make it easier to prevent or resolve operational issues, electromagnetic incompatibility or equipment failure, while ensuring the safety of your most valuable asset: your employees.

  2. Our approach
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      Solutions based on accurate data and adapted to your reality

      Our knowledge of interconnected systems, both off-grid and remote, is based on over 40 years of experience in high-power electrical engineering. Our team is known for its in-depth knowledge of all applicable standards and regulatory requirements, along with its command of a wide range of power system studies.

      Our strength is unparalleled field experience combined with a broad knowledge of technologies on the market. You can count on our experts to help make the right investments at the right time, since the data and solutions we offer are both accurate and perfectly adapted to your reality.

      Leverage technology to increase your operational capabilities

      BBA offers a range of digitalization services for power systems (IEC 61850 standard). Our multidisciplinary team includes experts specialized in the fields of protection, control, automation, telecommunications and cybersecurity.

      We use system modelling tools that are best suited to your facility location and current regulations, such as Power System Simulator for Engineering (PSSE), DSATools, EMTP, ASPEN Power Flow, ETAP and SKM. Using the most advanced industry software and tools, our experts propose technological solutions that are based on practical experience and in-depth knowledge of industrial operations.

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