Diversity of thought for a sustainable tomorrow

  1. Celebrating inspiring women - Part 3 | International Women's Day, 2022

    To wrap up this week’s celebration of women’s ingenuity at BBA, we’re bringing you the perspective of Amanda Fitch, Department Manager, Mining, under the theme of diversity of thought and sustainable development.

  2. Inspiring women | Part 2

    • Amanda Fitch

      Meet Amanda Fitch, P.Eng.

      Department Manager - Mining

      Amanda has been working in the mining industry for 13 years, and it’s given her the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of consulting engineering, from preliminary studies to operations. She’s acquired extensive knowledge of the field through mandates that have her travelling to client sites across Canada, the United States and abroad. As a result, Amanda can share a realistic and accessible perspective on sustainable development, based on real-life project experience.

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    • Carre blanc2

      A drive for change

      In the past few years, Amanda has observed an accelerated shift in the way the mining industry addresses sustainable development. “This shift has been going on for over 30 years, but there has been more emphasis in the last decade especially. These days, there’s momentum to create positive and sustainable change in the industry, but it’ll take a concerted effort,” says Amanda.

      In fact, there’s an increasing willingness to be proactive rather than reactive, addressing the impact of a project, from the early stages of its development. There’s also a proclivity for working together and being open and transparent with all stakeholders, including local communities.

      A holistic approach to become more proactive

      Amanda has been able to influence the course of various projects by proposing alternative solutions to achieve her clients’ sustainability goals. She explains that through multidisciplinary work and upstream thinking, a real impact can be achieved at a project’s preliminary assessment and permitting stages.

      For example, in mining projects, Amanda and her team have been able to provide support in the reducingtion ofe greenhouse gas emissions by offering alternatives for equipment, methodology, the processing plant and the interconnecting infrastructure.

      “It’s the sum of every action, whether small or large, by all disciplines involved, that allows the project to reach its full potential. A holistic vision and early project involvement are therefore essential. They allow us to develop infrastructures that will support the client’s goals, in terms of performance, technical considerations, social licensing, the environment and profitability. This is where my role as an engineer becomes meaningful, as it allows us to create value in the short term, but also to participate in creating the industry of tomorrow.”

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    BBA is about more than just a workplace. It’s about people. As an employer, we're responsible for creating an inclusive culture based on respect. After all, our daily actions are what will transform our society on a larger scale.

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  5. A sustainable tomorrow starts today

    We expect that there will be major opportunities to make a positive impact in the years to come, so we’ve made the energy and natural resources industry our playground.

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