Independent Power Producers

Independent power producers (IPPs) were once exclusively dedicated to supplying public utility electrical grids, but now they're diversifying their business models. The shift to clean energy sources is already well underway, as part of our broader decarbonization efforts. We're seeing growth in the renewable energy sector, more widespread use of distributed generation and major strides in efficient storage technologies. All this is opening the door to new business opportunities for IPPs. With market rules bound to further adapt, IPPs must now plan their future projects to reflect more varied and complex revenue generating mechanisms.

Independent Power Producers

  1. Your challenges

    • Wind Power - Wind turbines in the ocean

      Overcoming intertie challenges to efficiently power the grid

      All these new energy projects are starting to saturate the grid. That's why a comprehensive approach is needed to select the best locations for intertying new power generation or storage facilities. The factors to consider are resource availability (water, wind, sunlight), network constraints and priorities at the local and regional levels.

      Throughout the project development cycle, it's important to have a solid understanding of the power system's constraints and requirements, as well as new technological developments—especially in the area of energy storage.

      Modernizing your assets to extend their service life

      Even though renewable energies are still relatively new, many companies are already having to replace outdated equipment and modernize their facilities to increase production and make use of the latest digital technologies.

      But before you can adopt new technologies, you first need to check whether the new solutions are compatible with your existing equipment. This will help prevent breakdowns and outages.

      Creating value with ESG factors

      Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can significantly impact your business strategy and increase the value of your projects over the short and long terms. All stakeholders stand to benefit, not just your clients and their investors. In addition to driving up demand for renewable energy, ESG concerns are forcing industrial consumers to re-evaluate how they power their operations. This is creating new partnership opportunities for IPPs.

  2. Our approach

    • Project execution - Team looking at plans

      Expert assistance throughout the project life cycle

      With more than 40 years of experience in the energy and industrial sectors, our experts understand the various risks and challenges you face. We'll proactively assess factors such as resource availability, technical feasibility and economic viability before developing your project execution strategy. Our end-to-end service offer also includes assistance with commissioning and operations support.

      Our multidisciplinary team will be at your side at every project phase. We'll make sure you achieve maximum efficiency while meeting all regulatory requirements and ensuring that health and safety remain top priorities. You'll benefit from our recognized expertise in electrical engineering, which we continually enrich through an active field presence and insatiable curiosity for technological advancements.

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