Resource Estimation and Geology

The mining sector is facing some major challenges. The demand for metals is rising, yet deposit quality is decreasing. Drilling and exploration campaigns are being carried out at greater depths and in more remote locations, thus increasing costs and technical and operational risks.

Thanks to technological advances, innovative working methods and optimized data leveraging, geological work has been transformed. The benefits are numerous. With the wealth of data collected and the ability to interpret it precisely, more accurate reports can be produced, improving profitability, performance and worker safety.

Resource Estimation and Geology

  1. Your challenges
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      Accurately assess the value of your project

      To gain the support of your investors and maximize the net value of your project, your strategy must be based on reliable and comprehensive data, detailed geological models and optimal mining plans. From exploration to production, it is important to accurately assess the grade of a deposit and the location and distribution of mineralization within the rocks. And there are many other factors to consider, including hardness, the presence of deleterious elements and other intrinsic features of the deposit. Beyond a technically and economically favourable geographic location, social acceptability is an important factor in the success and viability of your project.

      Presenting a rigorous technical report— compliant with NI 43-101, JORC and other jurisdictions’ codes—prepared by experienced independent consultants will provide your future investors with all the information needed to demonstrate the merits of your project. Understanding and interpreting the deposit as accurately as possible will give you the best chance of ensuring that the results presented live up to expectations for all stakeholders.

      Plan and optimize your mining operation

      Resource estimation is an important step in the mining cycle because it lays the foundation for your mining project. With reliable data, interpreted correctly, you will be able to develop effective operational strategies that balance your cost and quality objectives, while taking into account your constraints (production rate, financial targets, and the initial investment available). Environmental factors are also taken into consideration at the planning stage, including GHG reduction and water quality management.

      Given the critical nature of this information, managing your old data and integrating it effectively with newly gathered data is a complex undertaking, but one that is vital to decision-making. This is how you will build your confidence in applying proposed models, managing risks and optimizing your results.

  2. Our approach
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      Our collaborative approach, based on experience in the field

      With over 40 years of practical experience, our teams know the lay of the land. They carry over the knowledge acquired during various mandates, from exploration to operations in a variety of commodities and geographies. Their experience is applied to your project, resulting in practical solutions that fit your needs. Thanks to innovative prospecting and exploration methods and proven modelling technologies, our specialists have access to the best tools to develop rigorous interpretations.

      Using a collaborative approach, they make sure they understand your constraints and objectives and take your operational experience into account. After all, who knows your mining operation better than you? By working together as a team, we can find the best solutions and optimize your resources with the utmost precision.

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