Relationships with Indigenous communities

  1. BBA supports interest groups and stakeholders of the projects in which it is involved, bearing in mind their long-term impacts on communities, the environment, employees and business partners. This vision is based on principles of sustainability, trust and fairness, and guides each of our actions.

  1. Recognizing Indigenous rights and our social responsibility

    BBA believes it’s essential to develop close and sincere relationships with Indigenous peoples. We welcome their input when we carry out projects on their ancestral lands and territories.  

    • BBA’s Indigenous Peoples policy based on the reconciliation process and respect for their rights and traditions 
    • Commitment to and support for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 
    • Participation in the operations of Indigenous economic development organizations, such as the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)
  2. Establishing lasting and authentic partnerships

    Our vision of partnership is based on the principle of mutual benefit. By striving to develop economic opportunities and positive benefits in the region where the project is carried out, BBA establishes strong and transparent relationships across local and Indigenous communities and developers.  

    And, before a project is even considered, BBA works to establish engagement activities with communities. As such, we aim to understand Indigenous values as they relate to their relationship with the land and its resources and work inclusively while providing support.

  3. Valuing communities and acting as an ambassador

    BBA wants to represent the principles of value, inclusion and equity by helping its employees and clients understand how their projects influence cultural, environmental and socio-economic values of the communities involved. 

    • Equal access to business opportunities for qualified local professionals 
    • Identifying training opportunities involving community members 
    • Valuing the culture, principles and values of host communities 
    • Participating in social projects and creating local economic benefits 
    • Understanding and respecting traditions, history and cultural diversity 
  4. Givng back to local communities and social involvment

    BBA also contributes to the well-being of the communities where it operates through various initiatives: 

    • Partnership with Indspire to invest in First Nations, Inuit and Métis education – BBA has pledged a total donation of $110,000 to the Indigenous charity as part of its Building Brighter Futures program. The money will help financially support a group of Indigenous students throughout their post-graduate studies.
    • Granting scholarships and sponsorships—a portion of which is reserved for social agencies and educational institutions in Indigenous communities 
    • BBA and the employee giving program to promote health, fight poverty and social exclusion and protect the environment  
    • Indigenous awareness days and events 
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