Digital transformation is driving industrial companies to rethink their work methods and take advantage of new operational technologies. There’s a growing trend toward centralizing control rooms to bring multiple functions together in one environment and optimize cohesion among the various operational groups.

Industrial Automation

  1. Your challenges

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      Centralize your control rooms, make more informed decisions

      It’s common to find a lack of communication and insight among operational groups when faced with a given situation, as everyone is making decisions on their own without considering the collateral impacts. Obviously, you want to break down the silos and unify your processes.

      The first step will be to automate processes to remove the need for local action. Then, by consolidating your various control systems into a central decision-making point, you can make joint upstream and downstream decisions, ensuring better operational continuity.

      Valuing the role of your operators

      You want to mitigate your risk of human error, downtime, inconsistencies and repetitive operator tasks. By implementing decision support systems, you’ll help your operators make better use of their time and optimize their focus. The same goes for onboarding your new employees, who’ll be more efficient quickly thanks to a simple, agile and, above all, safe transfer of skills.

  2. Our approach

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      Our teams: creating value for your operations

      With their vast experience in the industrial field, our experts address all critical aspects of your projects: network integration, data acquisition, machine safety, compliance with standards, process safety and much more. As experienced integrators, they’ll create value quickly and efficiently to maximize your investments in technology.

      Automated conversion and migration for faster commissioning

      BBA developed a unique tool to automate the conversion and migration of obsolete DCS and PLC control systems to new technology platforms. Our innovative approach minimizes human intervention, resulting in a more reliable and higher quality converted product. Another significant advantage is that the commissioning time is considerably faster than with conventional methods.

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