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  1. Celebrating inspiring women - Part 2 | International Women's Day, 2022

    In today’s portrait, meet BBA’s Angela Hsu, Department Manager, Mechanical and Structural Engineering, who shares her vision of sustainable development.

  2. Inspiring women | Part 2

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      Meet Angela Hsu, P.Eng.

      Department Manager – Mechanical and Structural Engineering

      Angela has been working in consulting engineering and supporting mining companies for nearly 15 years. In the past few years, she’s observed a major shift in the industry. Sustainable development is now a top priority. “At first, the main motivation for mining companies was to meet government regulations and manage social pressures. But they gradually realized that they could also benefit from profit and performance gains.”

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      The role of engineering in evolving practices

      As precious metal deposits are being found in increasingly remote areas, as ore concentrations decline and as energy costs continue to rise, companies are looking for ways to save money and be more efficient. So, sustainable development efforts serve both financial and environmental interests.

      “This is what our role as consulting engineers is all about: we try to strike a balance between cost effectiveness, technical constraints, performance and environmental and social considerations. The earlier we’re involved in a project, the bigger difference we can make by thinking about the entire project, the entire life cycle, whether it’s allocating costs, generating power or designing tailings facilities, etc. Integrating sustainable solutions then becomes a reflex, a way of thinking about engineering.”

      Women’s place in developing sustainable solutions

      Technological development and innovation are key to finding new solutions to tackle climate change, and these innovative ideas are borne out of creativity and a willingness to give them a voice.

      “Women represent half of the population, so it’s important to give them a voice, otherwise we’re all robbing ourselves of half of the good ideas. This is why it’s important to create inclusive corporate cultures that give women access to the same opportunities to make their suggestions heard and to lead innovative projects.”

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    BBA is about more than just a workplace. It’s about people. As an employer, we're responsible for creating an inclusive culture based on respect. After all, our daily actions are what will transform our society on a larger scale.

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  5. A sustainable tomorrow starts today

    We expect that there will be major opportunities to make a positive impact in the years to come, so we’ve made the energy and natural resources industry our playground.

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