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Today, economic growth and environmental protection are no longer mutually exclusive. Your operational profitability, performance and viability depend on it. Our team brings together specialists from all environmental and engineering disciplines to maximize your operations with a view to sustainability. Whether you want to develop your project early in its life cycle or respond to a specific need, you can count on the technical knowledge and experience of our integrated team.

  • Environment Studies - Person taking samples in river

    Environmental Studies and Assessments

    The concepts of economic growth and environmental protection have long been thought of as mutually exclusive, but that thinking has changed. Whether it’s operating a mine, building a power grid or setting up a plant, the future of any project now depends on a rigorous assessment of the environmental issues consistent with current regulations. Today, achieving socially acceptable and economically viable projects while reducing their environmental footprint is a common challenge for all industrial businesses.

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    Permitting and Social Licensing

    As social and financial pressure for environmental protection intensifies, public authorities are being urged to introduce more stringent regulatory measures. A collective awareness has developed, requiring more in-depth project studies. In fact, the environmental component and social acceptability, which were previously considered purely administrative issues, have become essential to any strategy aimed at ensuring industrial project success.

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    Monitoring, Mitigation and Remediation

    Industrial companies are increasingly seeking ways to positively affect the planet and its inhabitants. Projects are designed and built to the highest environmental standards, but once facilities become operational, unforeseen situations can force owners to adapt and innovate.

    To ensure operational continuity and compliance with evolving environmental standards, companies need to perform careful monitoring and follow-ups throughout the project life cycle. When it comes to sustainable development, every detail counts.

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  • Environment - Geomatics image satellite - Earth observation

    Geomatics and Visual Simulation

    Industrial companies now have access to an impressive amount of geospatial data. However, to take full advantage of this valuable data when designing major projects, they need to know how to process and manage this data, whether for analysis, internal team communications or external publication.

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  • Pumps

    Acoustics and Vibration

    Many sources of noise and vibration in industrial settings must be carefully managed. Whether planning an expansion project or optimizing existing facilities, expert noise and vibration management helps safeguard worker health and protect assets, while promoting peaceful relationships with neighbours.

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  • Environment - Air Quality  - Factory producing GHG

    Air Quality and Dust Control

    Industrial processes are often the sources of emissions that could contaminate premises and pollute the environment; they could also pose risks of fire or even explosion. With increasingly stringent environmental and occupational health and safety regulations, companies are looking to improve the quality of life for their workers, including the quality of the air they breathe.

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