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  1. Your challenges

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      Slash your electricity bill at the source

      Understanding the energy flows of your industrial processes is the first step in determining where optimization initiatives can deliver the best returns. With the value of carbon steadily rising, it's also important to determine where greenhouse gas emissions are being generated throughout your process and supply chains.

      The next things you need to understand are regional energy market rules and the growing revenue streams from carbon markets. This will help you decide which projects are most attractive. By determining which options are valuable in each jurisdiction, we can develop custom solutions for your business and ultimately reduce your electricity bill.

      Decarbonize your operations with renewable energy

      Wind and solar power, energy storage, geothermal and biomass solutions—you have plenty of options! And technologies are becoming increasingly affordable. When including renewable solutions in your energy mix, look for options that are reliable, sustainable and flexible. This will increase your chances for long-term success. Opting for green energy management solutions isn't just good for the environment, it's also a smart economic choice

      Ensure uninterrupted operations

      Having access to power is critical to your operations. Since outages can have a serious impact on your earnings, you need to avoid them at all costs. That's why assessing your facilities for reliability, performance, compliance and interconnection issues should be a top priority. Reliability is also expected to be a growing challenge. It is paramount to establish power system configurations and equipment combinations that are reliable and compliant with applicable standards.

      Make sure your off-grid power systems are reliable and profitable

      Supplying power to industrial facilities in remote locations can be problematic. You need a solution that's safe, efficient, technically feasible and economically viable. It also needs to be socially acceptable and environmentally responsible while reducing your fossil fuel consumption.

      Your company, like many others, may be thinking of adopting digital technologies to make your processes smarter while extending the useful life of your equipment. Before you add new equipment to your infrastructure, you'll want to make sure it's compatible with your existing electrical facilities to prevent breakdowns and disruptions.

  2. Our approach

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      BBA's approach founded on over 40 years of industrial experience

      Our team has hands-on experience working in the industrial field, which allows us to resolve even the most complex problems and adapt to all forms of energy. We've gained solid expertise in power grids by working on major grid projects across North America and internationally.

      Our experts are skilled in dealing with all kinds of technical constraints, including constructability issues, remote area power supply and system intertie challenges. In addition, we are technology agnostic and have state-of-the-art laboratories to test solutions in advance. This means we're able to recommend the best solutions for your operational and business needs.

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