Digital Transformation

Digitalization has generated a new source of wealth: data. By mastering the art of making this data speak, by connecting systems and by applying innovation, we have the means to move society forward and improve quality of life. Sustainable infrastructure and solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges are key enablers of this evolution.

Digital Transformation

  1. Working together to make technology an ally

    Digital transformation must be approached as a holistic and evolutionary journey that integrates the human factor and business processes with technologies. Collectively, the balanced integration of people, process and technology produces a sustainable business transformation. In other words, the transformation journey is as important as the destination.

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  2. The 3 pillars of your digital transformation
    01 Get greater efficiency by engaging your teams
    Digital solutions are a great asset when there’s a shortage of skilled labour or when working in remote locations. These solutions can be used to improve employee safety (by limiting their exposure to certain processes) or to enhance training activities. Used as a decision-support tool, they can mitigate the risk of human error, downtime, inconsistencies and repetitive operator tasks. Because human capital is at the core of this transformation, change management, process organization within your teams and training are key factors in achieving maximum efficiency.
    02 Adapt your processes holistically
    Implementing an integrated operations business model is a good example of how digital transformation supports business transformation, such as optimizing overall performance through better cohesion among teams, adapting processes and using data strategically. To get there, you need clear governance and an understanding of the entire end-to-end value chain. In a fast-paced market, access to reliable and relevant data is critical in making sound, real-time decisions based on facts rather than perceptions. You can then target the projects that will have the greatest impact on your company’s profitability and performance, while benefitting from a well-sequenced and flexible plan.
    03 Use technology as leverage
    There are many appealing technological solutions on the market. But first, they need to meet your strategic objectives, integrate effectively with your existing facilities and equipment, and adapt to your changing operations. To fully benefit from the potential of digital technologies, your infrastructures and systems must also ensure reliable, high-performance, agile and secure data access. At every stage of your digital transformation strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to assess the results based on your performance indicators, to improve processes as a result of what you learn and to use your successes as leverage.
  3. The 5 key benefits of a successful digital transformation
  4. Our approach
    • Automation and Industrial Technologies (IT/OT) 4

      From strategy to execution, we create value for your projects.

      Our experts are well versed in the needs of industrial companies and keep up with emerging technologies to develop flexible, cost-effective and cybersecure solutions and infrastructures. As part of a multidisciplinary consultative approach, we work closely with your teams to create value at every stage of your project. The principles of circularity, sustainability and operational excellence guide our design process.

      The human factor: at the core of our approach

      When technology and humans interact, new needs arise and require complementary expertise, such as ergonomic organization, user interface design and work psychology. BBA has therefore teamed up with C3 Human Factors, specialists in human factor engineering, to optimize the design of our technological solutions right from the start of the project. Through detailed analysis of user tasks, design requirements that have a direct impact on operations and variables in the work environment, our experts ensure that new systems and technologies are securely, smoothly and efficiently integrated.

      Highly proven technological solutions

      We are technology agnostic and have state-of-the-art laboratories to test solutions in advance. This approach, combined with our extensive operational knowledge, means we can offer you the best solutions that add value to your data and integrate perfectly with your operations. We work to provide you with the flexibility you need to ensure your infrastructures can grow with you and meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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