Acoustics and Vibration

Many sources of noise and vibration in industrial settings must be carefully managed. Whether planning an expansion project or optimizing existing facilities, expert noise and vibration management helps safeguard worker health and protect assets, while promoting peaceful relationships with neighbours.

Acoustics and Vibration

  1. Your challenges
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      Limit the noise impact of your operations

      In terms of acoustics, you need to comply with regulations, whether it’s to obtain the necessary government approvals before building new infrastructure or to operate your current facilities in accordance with existing standards.

      If your project is close to sensitive areas, you must perform noise impact studies and, where necessary, provide appropriate mitigation measures.

      For existing infrastructures, this may involve correcting a noise source or performing studies to expand or increase production.

      You may also want to play your part as a good corporate citizen and proactively carry out an acoustic study to ensure your aging equipment still meets permitted noise impact thresholds. This would also minimize costs by targeting equipment that only requires preventive maintenance.

      Prevent premature equipment wear and breakdown

      In terms of vibrations, you may be seeking solutions for mechanical equipment producing vibrations or noise that exceed standard thresholds. Not only can these vibrations cause premature wear and failure on your machines and equipment, they can also cause structural problems, which can lead to costly reparations.

      Implementing a predictive maintenance plan is an excellent way to reduce unplanned downtime or high maintenance costs and to maximize your productivity and that of your workers. BBA can support you in implementing this process.

  2. Our approach
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      Personalized support from our experts

      After our vibroacoustic experts perform the analyses and produce the report, they explain your options, while taking into account your needs and constraints. We help you choose the best solution for your short-, medium- and long-term operational strategy. We draw on our extensive experience to intervene quickly and accurately, and to solve problems at the source.

      Whether you’re in the energy, mining and metals, oil and gas, transportation or construction industries, BBA has the right solutions for your situation to support your operations and maintain good relationships with your neighbours.

      Motion-amplified cameras: a key technology

      Our experts use a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technologies to find vibration sources and to solve problems the first time. These include motion amplification, a technology developed by RDI Technologies that uses a high-speed camera to produce a video of the phenomenon being monitored and to view the amplified motion in real time. BBA is the only service provider in Québec certified by RDI Technologies.

      To learn more, read our blog article
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