Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Transformation

Optimizing treatment processes is a real challenge when deposits are more difficult to access and ores are rarer and more complex to process. It’s advantageous for mine operators to boldly use advanced technologies and modern approaches, like X-rays and new sorting technologies.

There are also many challenges during the metallurgical transformation stage. Innovation is a great solution when it comes to high environmental standards, pressure on energy consumption and constant process optimization.

Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Transformation

  1. Your challenges

    • Metallurgical Engineering

      Optimize your treatment processes

      For new plants, the first challenge is designing an ore treatment process based on rigorous sample analysis, which is a critical step in ensuring project viability. Additionally, you need to manage tailings effectively and consume water and energy judiciously.

      Owners of existing plants want to improve their energy efficiency, upgrade end-of-life and less powerful equipment and optimize their metallurgical transformation processes without compromising their operations.

  2. Our approach

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      Our seasoned experts work together to design optimal processes

      Mineral extraction and processing pose both technical and financial challenges. BBA’s internationally-renowned, multidisciplinary team includes experienced engineers and metallurgists, as well as technicians in various areas. Together, they pool their talents and design optimal process flow sheets.

      We combine our mineral processing and tailings management expertise to ensure that your project fully complies with current standards and regulations.

      Optimize your recoveries with our laboratory

      We work with top Canadian and international labs to identify your minerals and develop efficient and profitable metallurgical transformation process flow sheets. We also have our own lab, which we use to perform optimization and reagent consumption tests for gold ore.

      We conduct instrumented, specialized testing for the precious metals industry, facilitating a level of control that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. We have helped several clients boost their gold and silver recoveries and achieve reagent cost savings.

      We also offer testing to measure the potential for sulphide concentrates to self-heat, which can lead to assurances or recommendations for mitigation measures.

      Learn more about our metallurgical lab

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