Off-Grid Power Systems

Diesel remains the fuel of choice for generating power in remote areas where climates are often harsh. But environmental challenges and social apprehension about using fossil-based energy sources, in tandem with technological advances in energy storage, are gradually changing the way things stand. There’s also the issue of sourcing power from fuel, a costly process that’s driving the innovation of alternative energy solutions, including heat recovery and renewable power systems.

However, transforming off-grid power applications cannot come at the expense of system reliability. After all, the profitability of many industry players and the health and safety of various communities are at stake.

Off-Grid Power Systems

  1. Your challenges

    • Solar panel

      Choose the right solution

      There are several options for supplying power to your remote facilities, including diesel, wind, solar and hydropower, combined with optimization using energy storage and heat recovery systems.

      Whether you want to build a new plant or optimize your existing facilities, the solutions you choose must be technically sound, flexible, easy to operate and, most importantly, reliable.

      This doesn’t come easy and requires a great deal of multidisciplinary knowledge with a holistic understanding of your system.

      Your challenges:

      • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels
      • Reduce or control your operating expenses
      • Improve your environmental footprint
      • Ensure the health and safety of workers and communities
      • Ensure system reliability
      • Mitigate system instability threats
  2. Our approach

    • Grise Fjord

      An undeniable expertise in renewable technology integration

      BBA is a global leader in robust and reliable off-grid power systems design, as attested by successful projects spanning from the Canadian North to Africa and the Caribbean.

      Our firm’s multidisciplinary approach gives you access to unparalleled expertise at every stage of your project, from studies and design, to construction, commissioning and operations.

      BBA is known for its expertise in renewable technology integration and thermal energy recovery. Our teams will bring optimal solutions to the table that minimize financial investment, accelerate off-grid power system profitability and resolve any challenges associated with operating said systems.

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