The energy transition is a catalyst for strategic innovation, giving rise to affordable, energy-efficient solutions and driving rapid developments in power storage solutions. Thanks to these advances in energy management, renewable energy sources are now viable alternatives to fossil fuels, even in sectors like transportation, industrial processing and manufacturing.

As a result, we can now envision a future powered primarily by renewable sources. There's no question: a new energy ecosystem is emerging around the world.

Energy Storage

  1. Your challenges
    • Power Storage - Batteries

      Power storage: A new income stream

      Advances in storage technology are creating promising opportunities for businesses wishing to participate in ancillary service markets. However, with so many technologies out there, it can be hard to know which ones are right for your needs. To make the right choice, you need to consider the technical factors that could have a direct impact on your competitiveness, such as response speed, reactive power capacity, frequency response, etc.

      By calling on consultants with exceptional operational know-how, you'll be better positioned to choose the right technology, integrate it effectively into your operations and maximize its profitability.

      Increase the efficiency of your power systems

      Distributed and intermittent energy resources, like wind and solar, can make it harder to balance supply and demand in your power systems.

      Network operators need to develop energy strategies that are based on thorough feasibility studies. This will ensure that the solutions you choose meet public utility requirements and comply with applicable regulations, while helping you control your operating costs.

      Industrial customers: Meet your decarbonization goals

      Many industrial companies have set their sights on becoming carbon-neutral, a goal that's largely dependent on their electrification strategy and use of renewable energy. But thanks to today's energy storage technologies, the challenges associated with the intermittent power generated by renewable sources—an issue that was long considered insurmountable—can now be overcome. When choosing an energy storage solution for your project, you need to consider its type, size and potential for generating profits. To do so, it's essential to carefully collect and analyze data from your network and gain a thorough understanding of the market rules.

  2. Our approach
    • Renewables - Solar panels and wind turbines

      Count on us; make informed decisions about your technology

      BBA has advanced expertise in power storage technologies, including behind-the-meter, distribution and network applications. Whether its lithium batteries, pumped storage hydroelectricity or compressed air systems, we can help you select and install the right technologies for your network. Your business will benefit from a new revenue stream and lower operating costs, while mitigating risks.

      Estimate your earnings with our unique prediction model

      Energy storage is a very promising opportunity, but forecasting actual profits and long-term potential isn't always easy. We've developed a detailed income prediction model that allows our experts to optimize your financial performance based on your energy consumption.

      Leverage our expertise for all project phases

      Our multidisciplinary team offers seamless service that covers all project phases, from conceptual design to installing your new systems and equipment. We can help you develop energy strategies based on rigorous analyses and our in-depth knowledge of the power industry, including the regulatory framework. The benefits for your team include better collaboration, clear governance, improved financial efficiency and an optimized execution sequence.

      Solutions based on proven technologies

      All of our solutions include the latest innovations and meet the stringent standards and regulations applicable to public utilities. They make the most of digital technologies and offer the flexibility of adding new components as your needs grow.

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