Supporting the Industry 4.0 integration for a mineral exploration organization

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SOQUEM, a subsidiary of Investissement Québec, is a leader in Québec’s mineral exploration industry. The organization wanted to increase its digital maturity and move over to Industry 4.0. Its priorities included structuring its project data and standardizing its management, automating internal processes and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

  • Region Eastern Canada
  • Client SOQUEM
  1. Our experts' solution

    BBA experts first performed a digital diagnostic 4.0 that revealed possible improvements to meet SOQUEM’s needs. This made it possible to design an action plan and define priorities for both the short and long terms, enabling the implementation of innovative technological solutions.

    BBA experts then proposed a solution to aggregate data from multiple sources within a centralized and standardized structure. Throughout the project, a multidisciplinary team of geologists, geomaticians, programmers, integrators and data scientists made sure that SOQUEM made the best decisions, especially when choosing an advanced data analysis platform. They paid special attention to the user-friendliness of proposed solutions, which geologists would use.

    Mandate details

    • Data structuring:

      - Assess the consistency of existing geological projects to define a general nomenclature for standardization.

      - Structure data for four active and priority projects.

      - Coordinate and validate the data structure proposed by the client.
    • Internal process automation:

      - Identify and prioritize manual tasks that geologists find time-consuming.

      - Design and implement new automation tools (e.g., data conversion tool).
    • Take advantage of AI technologies in mineral exploration:

      - Establish client needs.

      - Define the criteria for selecting an advanced data analysis platform.

      - Perform market studies and recommend the platform to be used for training, testing and deploying machine learning algorithms to predict new sources for mineral exploration.
  1. Standardizing methods and processes has made it much simpler to manage new projects and has increased our overall efficiency. BBA’s experts were able to guide us throughout the process and help us increase our digital maturity to move over to Industry 4.0.
    Sébastien Létourneau, Department Manager, Geomatics – SOQUEM
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