Jan 25, 2023

Digital technology helps industrial companies rebuild trust

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  1. The growing importance of ESG criteria in corporate strategies and easier access to information are pushing industry to focus on sustainable and transparent solutions, and that’s good!

    Digital technologies are supporting this transition by being incorporated into a holistic vision that reduces risk, optimizes performance and leverages resources.

    For example:

    • Integrated management centres allow groups of individuals from diverse sectors to work with all corporate and operational data. These centres minimize silos and promote integrated decisions toward a common goal that includes financial and environmental targets.
    • Automation, advanced control and alarm management support proactive management of operations, reducing the risk of human error and inconsistencies.
    • Artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis enable real-time processing and valuation of large volumes of data, increasing efficiency and transparency. By linking data from various sources (environmental, socio-economic, operational), these tools make it easier to integrate renewable energy and implement resilient infrastructure to decarbonize operations.
    • Simulation, virtual reality and augmented reality improve worker health and safety by reducing the need to access hazardous environments. Moreover, these technologies can be used to test in controlled dynamic virtual environments, thereby reducing operational risks.
    • An industrial cybersecurity program minimizes vulnerabilities and enables companies to be more resilient and keep communities safe.

    For Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Director - Automation and Operational Technology at BBA, digital transformation offers a host of opportunities, but a complete analysis of your situation is essential before making this shift.

    “With an integrated digital plan that provides a clear roadmap based on their strategic and operational priorities, managers can ensure that they choose the technologies that will allow them to achieve their objectives effectively.”

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