Dec 14, 2022

Notice of appointment in BBA’s executive team

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Renée-Claude Turgeon has been appointed BBA’s Chief People and Sustainability Officer. She will be supported by Julia Gartley, who is joining her team as the new Vice-President, Health, Safety and Sustainability.

  1. Renée-Claude Turgeon has over 20 years of experience in human resources. She joined the BBA team in 2018 as Executive Director – Human Resources. Her greatest achievements include developing winning strategies in recruitment and onboarding; innovative performance management and talent development; and competitive total rewards, all while in the midst of a talent war.

    In recognition of Renée-Claude Turgeon’s significant contribution to the firm’s rapid evolution over the last few years, we’re pleased, once again, to be able to count on her leadership as a member of our Executive Committee along with Martin Milot – Chief Operating Officer, Vincent Massé – Chief Financial Officer, and François Chapados – Chief Growth and Development Officer.

    As Chief People and Sustainability Officer, Renée-Claude Turgeon will be responsible for managing our knowledge, culture, talent, and health and safety as well as our corporate strategy for sustainable development. Her key challenges will include developing our corporate culture as we grow and expand internationally, implementing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) plan and our corporate social impact strategy, ensuring our Net-Zero 2030 plan is achieved and establishing sustainable and genuine partnerships with Indigenous communities across Canada.

    With such a significant mandate, Renée-Claude Turgeon will be supported by a strategic ally, Julia Gartley, who is joining her team as the new Vice-President, Health, Safety and Sustainability. Julia will be joining the expanded Executive Committee, alongside our Vice-Presidents of Markets and Operations.

    Julia Gartley is an engineer with an MBA and is currently the Mineral Processing team leader at our Vancouver office. She also sits on the BBA board of directors. She is passionate about continuously improving practices and, over the years, has developed in-depth knowledge of the mining and natural resources sector. She is actively involved in various professional associations, including CIM National and Mine Shift (formerly Me Too Mining), where she co-developed the DIGGER program.

    We are therefore confident that her deep understanding of industry issues, her passion for engineering and her strategic and collaborative spirit will be put to good use quickly within our new executive management team.

    Congratulations to Renée-Claude Turgeon and Julia Gartley on their new roles.

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