Apr 21, 2021

Metallurgical lab designed to meet your needs

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To supplement its flowsheet development and engineering design expertise, BBA operates a dedicated lab in Hamilton, Ontario.

  1. The lab offers test services to develop process and engineering design parameters, which are established and optimized under the strict control of our engineers. This allows us to help clients minimize CAPEX and OPEX, optimize throughput, identify risk and safety mitigations, and maximize return on investment.

  2. Our testing services

    We currently provide niche testing services that include gold and silver leaching optimization, characterization of materials in terms of self-heating (and combustion) risk, as well as custom testwork system fabrication and operation.

    Gold leaching

    Gold and silver leaching optimization testwork is performed at BBA’s laboratory under the strict control of BBA’s engineers. In greenfield gold or silver applications, an optimized leaching regime can allow a smaller leach circuit footprint and enhanced project economics. In brownfield operations, an optimized leaching regime can allow increased throughput and reduced cyanide consumption.

    Material assessment self heating (MASH)

    Material assessment self heating (MASH) technology accurately assesses self-heating properties of sulphides and other materials in terms of risk. MASH risk assessments are used by material handling experts in the selection of appropriate mitigations and designs to reduce the risk of fire.

    Custom testwork

    BBA’s custom testwork services can provide key criteria to inform engineering design and operations. Past projects include constructing and operating test equipment to determine design parameters for fluidization, niche pumping applications, etc.

    If you have specific needs that our lab can meet, feel free to contact us.

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