Optimizing the dust collection system in the metals sector

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In industrial environments, managing dust—including combustible dust—is a real health and safety challenge that must be taken very seriously, as with noise management. A client from the metals sector wanted to improve air quality for workers inhaling it and manage risks to their safety due to the explosive nature of ambient dust.

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  1. Our experts' solutions

    In only a few weeks, BBA led a preliminary study to optimize the existing dust collection system, in addition to carrying out the detailed engineering, coordinating component manufacturing and commissioning the system, while working closely with the onsite contractor and the client. Our experts were subsequently called upon to review the company’s practices in managing sources of combustible dust emissions.

    BBA took advantage of the mandate to lower noise levels from 92 dB to 77 dB, providing a safer work environment for client personnel.

    • Measured air flow
    • Modified dust collection hoods and ducts
    • Designed insulation to offset the risk of flames spreading (explosive dust management)
    • Managed construction
  1. By questioning the client’s clever solution, we were able to shorten project delivery deadlines, reduce costs and, consequently, noise levels.
    Yves Sasseville, Engineer, BBA
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